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Jewelry Catalog for Your Information Medium about a Product List

It is no longer impossible to use jewelry as your business product. The business is usually in the form of a jewelry store. This business certainly needs a lot of capital, but it will be easy as long as it has a strong determination. All information about jewelry products should be informed in a jewelry catalog, so customers can easily find out the details of your product.

The Jewelry Catalog Description

A catalog is a publication tool to promote the product in detail that’s provided or sold by a business field to consumers. In this case, it is a jewelry business or store. The catalog is also known to be practical for conveying all the information about your jewelry store’s products. Also, the catalog can present the features of the product clearly, so customers are satisfied in understanding the details, and they can later be interested to buy the product.

The Jewelry Catalog Benefits

Jewelry has a high selling value, and it continues to increase by market needs. Having a piece of jewelry or more can be said is not a consumptive category, but an investment. Moreover, the product will not fade or wither which will eventually become out of date or on sale. The product will last for a long period, as long as you can maintain it. Here are some benefits you can get from a jewelry catalog.

  1. It facilitates the marketing product effectively and efficiently.
  2. The catalog makes it easy to see much information about the product offered.
  3. It facilitates consumers in knowing the product in detail and certainly clear, so it seems truly professional.

The Jewelry Catalog Design

More attention to the jewelry catalog is in its design. The elegant design is capable of showing the professional and classy side of your store. The design is made as attractive as possible for promotional purposes. It will give the impression of interest to consumers. The design in the catalog can begin with:

  • Concept: determining the design concept must be carried out to produce an appropriate catalog. The concept is in the form of layouts, fonts, graphics, colors, images, shape, size, and catalog contents.
  • Template: the selection of the PSD template is made for easy and fast customization through the Photoshop application.
  • Main design: it begins with a customizable PSD template. The file layers are well organized, and the layouts are fully editable.
  • Size: the catalog generally measures 8.5 × 11 inches or 8.5 × 5.5 inches according to its standard size. However, this size can be adjusted to a custom size.

The Jewelry Catalog Template Ideas

The PSD template can be searched and downloaded for free and online. It is present as the initial process of editing a jewelry catalog. The PSD template is a Photoshop file with a PSD extension. Therefore, all features are certainly compatible with features in Photoshop. The template also has a high, professional, and very interesting artwork. It will be easily operated by professional and beginner graphic designers. 

Download :

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