Travel Guide Catalog Template Photoshop

Travel Guide Catalog for Publicizing Your Service Business

Running a business from a travel guide requires knowledge of particular travel business and destination. Also, this business requires the ability to help you interpret a culture, history, and contemporary to tourists. Therefore, you can establish a travel guide catalog as a medium for publicizing the business. It can increase the interest in your travel guide service.

The Travel Guide Catalog Importance

The development of the travel business today has a significant impact on its spread. Besides it is a travel service with a car and travel, it can be also cooperated with the tour guides with a specific purpose for traveling. The development and dissemination certainly become a special concern for travel business owners to increase their market value.

To realize this, a catalog is made for the sake of clarity of all travel guide information and products. Its presence as a publication tool facilitates the delivery of information. Besides the informative content, the professional and classy design will increase the selling value of the service offered.

The Travel Guide Catalog Template

The main concern in making a travel guide catalog is to choose a template as the design sample or the initial process for the catalog to be created. The template comes with a variety of features and settings to easily and quickly be customized via a digital application of graphic design, such as Photoshop, InDesign, or illustrator. The selected template can be a PSD template that functions as the file or design work document.

The Travel Guide Catalog Template Details

The templates created by professionals and graphic design experts for later download are truly spoiling an editor who wants to use them as a starting point for the design of the travel guide catalog. The PSD template is created with details in the form of:

  • Layouts

The catalog template has set the layouts to be fully customizable to make it easy and fast in the design process. It also produces the desired catalog quality. The orientation style is in the landscape as the design and printout.

  • Layers

The layer groups are created in the template to place an object provided. It does not interfere with other objects in Photoshop. The layers also appear to be arranged well.

  • Design

The template is designed with 20 pages, including the cover with the front and back sides. It is also designed to easily and quickly customize the colors, images, and text.

  • Printout

An edited template, it will be printed on art paper with A4 or US paper with Bleed. The quality standard with a resolution of 300 dpi produces a printed catalog with clear images.

Travel Guide Catalog Benefits

The presence of a travel guide catalog provides benefits for the travel business, including making it easy for customers to see a list of information that’s presented, which is in the form of a service product offered by the company. It also makes it easy for customers to find out a travel guide service for them to use as their travel destination.  

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