Home Healthcare Brochure Template Photoshop

Home Healthcare Brochure with Various Interesting Designs

In many places, home health care services can be found. It is because these are quite necessary, and many families need the services. However, it may not be an easy task for health care providers to get known by many families. That is why sometimes promotion is also needed, and home healthcare brochure becomes one of the possible media to choose. This is a good platform to make people know about the services and what they can get from health care.


Contents of Home Healthcare Brochure

In making the brochure, of course, it is necessary to prepare the contents. Even if every place may make it how to design, it is good to have good plans regarding what they are going to write down regarding the information, such as:

  1. Service description

It is the main point to show. Some health care providers may have certain special treatments and services, and the points must be elaborated and presented clearly in the home healthcare brochure.

  1. Fine details

Details are necessary. These can be more effective when the brochures also have some pictures to show that the services are truly available, and these are given by the professional medical staff.

  1. Contact information

Next, it must have details of contact information. After reading the details, some people may be interested to get the services, so it is good to give numbers to call. By doing this way, things are more effective.


Home Health Care Brochure

The brochures can have various designs. Each health care has different preferences for the design. Even, the arrangement of contents and its outline can be quite different. In this condition, it is good to look for some references.

There is a good brochure that can become an example. The front page is made simple. It uses blue color as the only color covering the page with some pictures collaged into shapes of the four-petal flower. Then, inside of the brochure still uses the same color, but it is combined with white, so it looks cute and nice.


Home Healthcare Tri-Fold Brochure

Some models of the brochures are made into some folds. One of the popular models is the tri-fold brochures. This gives enough space since it gives some pages of folds, while each fold is still large enough to contain some details.

For the reference, there is a home healthcare brochure tri-fold brochure. The design is simple with a combination of green and black to decorate the border on each page, while the front page has a green color with some pictures on it.

The page is made simple. There are some explanations regarding the services. However, it does not make the page full, since each point has concise and brief details. It leaves some space for the border layout, so everyone will not feel bored while reading the points in the brochure.


Medical Home Healthcare Brochure

Some people need medical treatment at home. There are many causes of leading this condition. It can be caused by chronic diseases, or someone may get older and it makes the immune weaker. In this case, having medical home health care services can be so helpful.  

Regarding health care, there is a nice brochure describing it. The front page is made simple. Half of it is for a photo of an adult couple with a background of blue. Then, the remaining half is to show the tagline of health care. For the inside, the brochure uses the same color of blue as the background of the home healthcare brochure.

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