Women’s Day Brochure in PSD Photoshop

Designing Your Enchanting Women’s Day Brochure

Well, the eighth of March is coming soon. As the celebration marks women’s extraordinary achievements, you will need something to spread the world. You may also need a printable medium to contain empowerment. Besides, you may want to include brief biographies of notable women that can inspire them to make more achievements. You have the reasons, but you are getting confused about it. How should you make a women’s day brochure? Here is the guidance.

Women’s Day Brochure Contents

The contents depend on what you want to put in the brochure. Women’s day brochure can be useful to inform the audiences about news, achievements, events, or anything that relates to women or the day’s celebration. It can also be used to contain biographies of remarkable women with their achievements. Empowering women can be done in this way, too.


Designing Women’s Day Brochure

In designing something, not just a brochure, you may need to make its blueprint first. Hence, when you are delving into the design, it will be much easier. These are several things you need to know before designing the brochure.

  1. Size

Although size can vary, it is common to use A4 paper that’s single folded. That means you get two pages for one side of the paper with an area size of 10.5×14.8 cm. The other option is to apply design for trifold A4 paper. The choice can be adjusted as per your preferences.

  1. Materials

Just like size, materials also vary, according to your budgeting and preferences. It is totally fine to use a thin 70 gsm paper, but it will be much preferable to use thicker papers to avoid tearing out or crumples.

  1. Colors

Generally, before designing, people usually make a color theme to be used along the designing process. They also prepare color combinations for their palette. The combination should depict the theme as well.

  1. Pictures or illustrations

Brochures will be bland without pictures or any kind of illustrations. If you have the resources, it is good as you can put it into your brochure. You can also rely on online stock photos or illustrations. In recent days, vector illustrations are highly used, so you can consider using this choice as well.

  1. Text fonts

Styling your text is what fonts are made for. Decorative, curly, and unique fonts can be used here, but make sure they are readable.

  1. Ornaments

Ornaments help to alleviate blandness in the design. It is advisable to use it in your brochure, but do not overuse it.


Women’s Day Brochure PSD Template

Confused about how to proceed with designs? Don’t worry as many women day brochure templates are available online. Thanks to graphic designers out there, these days it is easier to find downloadable templates. With just a few customizations, your brochure will be ready in just a few seconds.


PSD Format Women’s Day Brochure

PSD format is one of the most-used template formats. To use PSD women’s day brochure templates, you need to install the specific image editing application. It is easy to do and also time-saving, so it is worth to try.

Download :

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