Car Rental Brochure Free PSD Template

Making Attractive Car Rental Brochure for Your Business

A car rental business is profitable when a car is booked for 72% of the total time. Nowadays, a new concept of business like giving someone else rent is promising due to the reason that many people need a car, but they don’t want to spend much money to buy it. As the owner of a rental, you can promote this business by using a car rental brochure. This may be the old way of promotion, but the spending is lesser with the same result of another media promotion.

What to be Included in Car Rental Brochure

Unlike another promotion brochure, car rental needs specific information to be included on every page. Here they are.

  1. Discounts

Promotion trick is always related to something like free coupons or discounts. The car rental brochure needs to focus on informing this if you want to attract the customers. You can write it down on the first page of the brochure, and make it attractive by using the unique font.

  1. Package information

Plan or package information must be exposed in the brochure as the main information. Your customer

  1. Contact

Personal contact or phone number always becomes the big point that you should expose in the brochure. A call-to-action from customers will go directly to you if you provide the complete contact information

Design Tips for Attractive Car Rental Brochure

Here are some tips to make the design more attractive than before.

  1. Use simple statements because it will be hard to create a good layout when there are many descriptions of the brochure.
  2. Make a good impression of the luxury combination of arts. You can combine many colors, fonts, or unique shapes.
  3. Relevant business images are needed. Put the picture of the washed car, or just the cars in high resolutions. It will help customers to identify what is the purpose of the brochure.
  4. Create the fit size: don’t be too large or small. The customers will think twice to keep it longer or to read it when it has the wrong size.

Starting Design with PSD Car Rental Brochure Template

Using the PSD template can decrease the challenge of designing a car rental brochure. The basics provided by the template can be good capitals for you to start the design, and improve your idea in design. You can try various types of design, and decide which one to be printed out. It will help you to have multiple references for the brochure look.

PSD Template for Designing Car Rental Brochure

A good file type can be a second consideration of why you need to have a PSD template for the design. Considering that your needs are not only a matter of time-saving but also energy-saving, you need to consider a lot to use the PSD template. It will help you to save your time and keep your energy up when designing a car rental brochure. By using PSD templates, you will have free editable access to all layers of content on it. 

Download :

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