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Creative Brochure Designed for a Publication Medium

A brochure has a variety of functions, depending on business goals, organization, or others. Whatever the function and purpose, the brochure should look attractive, and give a professional impression of a business company or organization. If you want a creative brochure design, you don’t need to bother to design it as a whole because some creative designs have been made to be edited again. Here are some things about a brochure.

The Creative Brochure Brief Definition

The brochure exists as an official publication medium to promote products or services and provide information in the form of events. A brochure is designed and then printed to be distributed free of charge to the public as the target market. It can be printed on an art paper as smooth and shiny paper.

The Creative Brochure Principles

The attractive and creative design will make the reader curious about the brochure and then read its contents. Here are the principles of creating a creative brochure.

  • It comes without the need for certain tools to show the detailed contents.
  • It provides clear and complete information.
  • It can be distributed to anyone as a segment, and it is easy to carry.
  • The brochure that is distributed will be quickly responded by people who are interested in the content by directly calling or sending messages by phone.
  • The accepted brochure can be saved because it has educational value in the form of design and content.

The Creative Brochure Establishment

Establishing a creative brochure is not just about its content weight, but it prioritizes an attractive and professional appearance. This is done only to make people interested. To produce an attractive design, the following should be considered in its establishment.

  1. Concept

The first thing that should be done in establishing a brochure is to determine the concept. It can be in the form of themes, structures, layouts, text, images, and colors. Also, determine the usefulness of the brochure, and the process of disseminating it to the target market.

  1. Unique and Creative Design

It can be designed easily and quickly to produce a unique and creative design. This is done by selecting a design sample or template that is available as a preset format document. It can be customized according to design requirements.

  1. Quality

The brochure should be designed with a high resolution on the layout, so the image is not flush, and the printout also looks clear. A resolution of 300 dpi is the standard for high-quality display.

  1. Font

A choice of font type and size is certainly the most important thing in designing a good brochure. Font size will be an attraction for readers. The size can be distinguished between titles, subtitles, content, and others.

The Creative Brochure Template

As mentioned earlier, a template is available as a preset format. It can be obtained by searching and then downloading it to be used as a creative brochure design. To provide ease and speed in design, the PSD template is the right choice. 

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