Barbershop Brochure Free Template in PSD

Various Designs and Themes for Barbershop Brochure Templates

Barbershop becomes one of the necessary places to go to. Some people may go to the barbershop once a month. However, some people always pay attention to their hair, and always want to make it the best crown, so they have a higher intensity to see the barbershop and get styled. Surely, it can become a good place for those who want to upgrade their look. Of course, in some moments, the barbershop may also need to make a Barbershop brochure, so they can make good promotion to invite more people to come and get styled.


Creating Barbershop Brochure

Creating a brochure can become one of the important tasks. When there is already a special team, it may not be difficult. However, if things are done without any special person for it, these steps may give some references in executing the task.

  1. Draft the design

Before making the specific design, drafting the layout and other details is necessary. With the proper draft, a better design can be obtained.

  1. Make the design

Based on the draft, then the design can be started. It may follow the entire draft, but it is also possible to find something better during the process. That is why it is important to have the draft, so people know how and when to start it.

  1. Fill the content

When design and layout are ready, contents should be prepared, and then input into the Barbershop brochure. Content can be the simple promotion of services. Added with some testimonies, it surely becomes a nice brochure.


Bi-Fold Barbershop Brochure

There are many kinds of brochures. One of them is the bi-fold layout. As its name, a piece of paper will be folded into two parts, so later the brochure can have four pages. This provides enough space to deliver some useful information.

For the design, there is a nice example of a Barbershop brochure. The front page shows the only picture of the barber doing the job, and there is the name of the barbershop. Then, when the brochure is expanded, it shows something interesting. The layout uses a combination of red and black, and there are pictures to deliver the explanation of main services to find in the place.


Beauty Parlor Barbershop Brochure

Some barbershop does not only work on the hair. Some places combine it with the beauty parlor. There are some nail and facial treatments in there. These can become a good place for women who always want to look flawless.

Since it has more services to offer, of course, it is a good opportunity to make a better design of the brochure. In this case, the main or front page can use the picture representing the place. Then, the pages inside can tell more about the details. Using a combination of white and purple is a good option to take for the design.


Vintage Barbershop Brochure

Then, some brochure has a certain theme for the design. By having a theme, the layout can be more attractive, and people will be more interested to see what is inside the brochure. In this case, one of the themes is vintage.  

Vintage becomes a good option. It is not difficult to find suitable colors for the theme. Some pales and neutral colors are enough to show the vintage styles. Then, having additional elements of details can be added to bring the real theme to the Barbershop brochure.

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