Design Company Brochure in Photoshop Free Download

Design Company Brochure with Attractive Design

You can use a brochure for any business, such as the design company. In general, people can see what your company can do just looking at the brochure design. That’s why you cannot pick the wrong style for the design company brochure. The template seems to be the best solution and tons of styles will give more reference.

Design Company Brochure Ideas and Purposes

The core business is the design, so the brochure is not a new thing in your company. On the other side, the idea for design starts with the simplest one. This is not a brochure for entertainment. You should put aside any fancy style, but bring the most professional layout at all. It does not have to be too formal because people think your business is for official clients. On the contrary, the idea for the design company brochure should attract more clients from many areas.

Design Company Brochure Contents

Before designing, the first step you must do is content preparation. The appearance will catch the first impression, but the contents are the reason why people order the design from you. The next section provides some items that are considered as the key elements of this brochure.

  1. Business name

The first thing you see on the brochure is the business name. Most companies use the name to represent the basic service and product. If your service is related to design, the name must have something that indicates you are in this business.

  1. Brochure title

Some brochures have the name as the main title. They are usually for a marketing campaign that focuses on the introduction. It exposes your business directly. On the other hand, you should have a title that specifically represents the business. It can be the phrase or words that capture attention.

  1. Offers and services

The core content of the design company brochure is offers and services. You have to explain what you can do, such as designing a logo, banner, product, interior, etc. Well, the design is the vast fields that involve various themes. Your company might not have all resources, which means it is better to pick one specialty.

  1. Contact info

Contact info is important to ensure people to call or visit the right place. This part can be on the front cover or at the end of the page. The information includes the phone number, email, and mailing address.

  1. Relevant background

The design has to be elegant, and the background is relevant. Just choose the right style for this one to convince clients that you can handle the project properly.

Design Company Brochure Style and Design

In general, the brochure utilizes a bi-fold and tri-fold style for the layout. Both can come from the same paper size but with different folding mode. The bi-fold style will fold the paper into two pieces to make four pages. On the other hand, tri-fold will make three sections per page, and six sections for the entire paper. It uses two foldings.

Design Company Brochure PSD Template

The main purpose of the brochure is marketing, especially promotion. It is the old method but still comes in handy to attract more clients and customers. It is better than flyers since the size is larger and can be modified into a small form. To shorten your creation, the design company brochure PSD template will be helpful.  

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