Business Company Brochure Template Photoshop

Business Company Brochure as an Information Delivery of a Brand in Detail

Marketing strategy is the decision-making for the promotion movement plan, company marketing costs, and marketing allocation. Every company must have a variety of marketing methods to get more customers. One of them is the distribution of leaflets. As it functions as the delivery of information, it is necessary to design an attractive and professional business company brochure.

Business Company Brochure Importance

By definition, a brochure is a publication medium that’s officially designed and printed by a company. The delivery of information can be in the form of a product, service, company programs, and so on. The distribution is done free of charge to be distributed to the wider community.

Business Company Brochure Functions

The business company brochure has the functions that can be a concern in designing and printing it as a marketing medium for business brands.

  • As an informative message

This is used to inform prospective customers which is certainly related to the company in the marketing plans and strategies.

  • As an advertisement message

The brochure can also be useful to advertise and promote a company’s brand. Therefore, it should be made attractive to give the prestige and credibility of the company’s products.

  • As an identification

A brochure should be conceptualized as interesting as possible, with informative content. Also, a clear identity and attractive offers make the companies easy to be identified by potential customers.

Business Company Brochure Characteristics

The brochure is certainly not made without reason, and it can be seen from its function that greatly supports the ability to market a company’s brand. Therefore, the following characteristics are the reasons for making a business company brochure.

  1. The brochure is made to inform, invite, and educate prospective customers about the messages conveyed in the contents.
  2. It can attract the attention of prospective customers because of the design that mostly uses the folded paper with full color, back and forth.
  3. The brochure must be published once to continue the different dates, services, and programs offered by the company.
  4. It must be clear in its contents. Moreover, the message can be conveyed to prospective customers.

Business Company Brochure Template

It is incomplete without the presence of a template for the design. The template is chosen because of its customizable function. The following can be an illustration of the business company brochure template.

  • Format: the PSD format is chosen that can be found on the website of the PSD template provider for free.
  • Shape: the template is formed with 2-3 folds of an art paper, and the layout is in portrait orientation.
  • Size: for the size itself, it is adjusted to US paper sizes added with bleed.
  • Image quality: the template is designed with a standard of high quality at a resolution of 300 dpi, as well as the accuracy of the CMYK color composition.
  • Layouts: the template is equipped with fully customizable layouts, making it

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