Wedding Planner Brochure Example PSD Design

Wedding Planner Brochure Made to Market the Business Brand

Wishing a great wedding celebration is the dream of all couples. The success of pre-wedding, a celebration to post-wedding is the target of the wedding planner company. The elegant and professional impression must be shown, so it can be glimpsed by many clients through promotional media, which is a wedding planner brochure.

Wedding Planner Brochure Details

The presence of brochures as a marketing tool is essential to introduce a business brand to the wider community. The brochure comes with clear and detailed information as a form of company promotion. The existence of a brochure cannot be separated from several things, such as its importance, its excellence, the template as a starting point for brochure creation, and the main design of an attractive brochure.

Wedding Planner Brochure Importance

The wedding planner brochure is a media that’s printed on three-fold art paper. It contains all information and offers of the service business to the public as the target market. Most of the brochures will be printed later for free distribution. The importance of a brochure can be seen in terms of:

  1. Function

A brochure created certainly functions as:

  • The information medium. This is aimed at potential customers as the company’s target market in the form of company details, products, and services.
  • The identification medium. It relates to attractive design and a clear concept, so the company is easily identified by potential customers.
  • The advertisement medium. This function is to advertise or promote the services of the wedding planner company that can be the latest offers related to wedding planning.
  1. Characteristics

The characteristics of creating a brochure are:

  • The message delivered is in the form of a single message.
  • The brochure for each event must be published once.
  • The distribution of printed brochures must be free of charge to prospective customers.
  • It is attractively designed and printed on a three-fold paper. The contents must be clear and applicable to prospective customers.
  • The brochure is created to persuade, and educate through information created therein.

Wedding Planner Brochure Advantages

As a corporate publication medium, the wedding planner brochure has some advantages. It is affordable at the time of printing and distribution. Moreover, it brings the company’s credibility to the community through the objectives stated in the contents of the brochure. It also conveys a lot of information about the product, including the name, type, description, price, method of use, and product excellence.

Wedding Planner Brochure Template

This brochure can be created easily and quickly only by selecting the PSD template as the file that can be customized through a digital application of Photoshop. The template is searchable online, which can be downloaded for free as a customizable template.

Wedding Planner Brochure Design

The main design of the wedding planner brochure is to refer to a detailed template. The layout is designed and organized well and neatly, so it’s easy and fast to fully customize it via Photoshop. Then, it is designed with a high-quality resolution standard of 300 dpi, and printed with art paper on the US or A4 paper. Also, the color composition of CMYK brings accurate colors in the design.  

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