Christmas Brochure Free Template in PSD

Christmas Brochure Design Ideas and How to Make It in Easy Way

When Christmas comes, many of you will find some brochures related to the event. It can be a celebration brochure, promotion brochure, or Christmas performance brochure. Well, the Christmas brochure is identically showing the Christmas tree or Santa Clause to show the purpose. There are some ideas to have a great design on it. Let’s check them out.

The Various Types of Christmas Brochure Design

If you look from the brochure, some designs are divided based on the purpose. Here are various types that we will talk about.

  1. The formal brochure

Usually, this type of tool is often used by an institution like church to invite their followers to do charity or celebration or seeing the performances in the special moment of Christmas eve. Therefore, the design should also be formal because it will be sent by the institution.

  1. The promotional Christmas brochure

Some offline shops, or maybe café and restaurants use this promotion tool when Christmas comes. It is done to make the customers know the promo they offer, or the discount they make when the special day in December comes.

  1. The funny brochure

When the day comes, it will also be the end-year holiday for kids and some workers. The funny brochure is often used as a marketing tool for the playground, zoos, or some holiday-themed parks when they offer their sale to the customers.

The Main Characteristics of the Christmas Brochure

Red and green colors are the icon of Christmas day. You may see many things in red or green as the main characteristic. There are also trees, the lamps, and the bells as decoration. The brochure needs to show these items as the top center icons, not only to show the red and green colors but also its decorations. Even if the brochure is simple, when you show them as the character of Christmas day, it will directly send the nuance that it is a Christmas brochure.

The PSD Template for Christmas brochure

The template will be useful to help the design of the brochure. Which template that’s relevant for the Christmas brochure is a template which has less shape as an outline, or has many types of layout. The brochure does not need many basic elements, such as lines, shapes, or pictures. As the designer, you can add some Christmas decorations, pictures, or drawing as the contents. To avoid the crowded look, you need to remove the basic elements which are not too relevant to the theme.

PSD Template for designing Christmas brochure

When you want to add many things as additional contents for making a Christmas nuance in the brochure, you need the PSD template for the starting point. To save your design, you should have a high resolution of file type. Also, you need wider access to edit many things on the template. Just replace some contents for building up a stand out Christmas brochure. Therefore, the only way that will help you is by using the PSD file type template. 

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