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Resort Brochure and Various Designs for Certain Type of Resorts

Each resort needs good promotion. Even if some resorts are already so famous, and there are always many guests staying there, it is still necessary to make a promotion. These may be made on certain special occasions, such as in the moment of holidays and other events. There are many media to choose from, and the brochure is one of the good ones. It provides enough space to give may explanations and pictures. Of course, the Resort brochure design should be made attractive, so people are interested to see more and even decide to stay in the resort.


Tips to Design Resort Brochure

There are some useful tips to prepare for the brochure. These points may be considered as useful suggestions, and things may get easier with the points below.

  1. Consider the testimonies

Some people pay more attention to designs, pictures, and content. However, sometimes they forget about the testimonies. It can be more than just enough proof to show the satisfaction of guests staying in the resorts.

  1. Use nice colors

Since it is a resort and normally people stay there during the holiday, choosing a suitable color for the layout is necessary. Soft and bright colors may be work, but making a combination should be careful. Even, using single color with more gradients can be a better choice.

  1. Put some pictures

There are points to explain, but pictures or photos can explain better. That is why it is good to have fewer words and arrange the layouts well, so it is possible to show some more pictures as proof.


Beach Resort Brochure

When it talks about the resort, it seems that people will look for beach resorts as the main alternative. Beach always has a good view, and there is no disappointment in staying the resort facing the beach. However, it is still necessary to make a good Resort brochure.

Since it is about the beach, there are some colors or themes to use. When it talks about colors, blue and white are good options since these represent what people see along the beach. For theme, having a water splash and summer theme becomes a good choice.


Holiday Resort Brochure

On holiday, some people choose to leave the house and take a break. This is necessary to refresh the mind and get relaxed. That is why during the holiday seasons, having a Resort brochure for promotion is a good idea.

There is a nice example of a brochure to see. On the first and front page, it shows the good angle of the photo showing the resort. Then, there is a big and clear label showing special discounts and services. Once the brochure page is opened further, there is a simple layout with some good pictures.


Golf Resort Brochure

For some businessmen, having golf while doing the meeting is a good and interesting idea. Related to the golf, there are also some resorts specialized in providing the best fields for playing golf, together with all the necessary services.  

To let people know, brochures are necessary. The front page may especially be made to show the good image of the golf field and its resort. This will be a good way to attract attention. Then, the overall theme and layout may utilize a green color. Having some pictures of facilities is also compulsory in the Resort brochure.

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