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Fashion Catalog with Creative Ideas and Design

When discussing the catalog, the first thing that comes in mind is the fashion catalog. It is like a book that contains the list of the latest and upcoming products from the fashion company. Usually, it has released schedule, such as monthly, half-yearly, and annually. The prominent fashion company will have a special catalog edition that exposes the best product.

You may be in charge to make a catalog for the fashion company. This is a challenging task since the catalog is different from a regular book and brochure. You should consider the contents, arrangements, and layout. Moreover, it requires a realistic photo of models who wear clothes or accessories from the company. With extensive tasks at hand, you must pick the best approach and solution. This is where the template becomes the best method when creating a catalog for fashion.

Fashion Catalog Design and Ideas

The catalog becomes an important part when you open the fashion store or business. The design will adjust to what products you sell. Big companies have the entire line of fashion, including accessories, watch, and perfume. On the contrary, some fashion brands release their products in a specific market. In this case, the design for the fashion catalog will be special.

Fashion Catalog Layout and Style

The style for this catalog will adjust to the theme, product, and brand. You can use the catalog with the same style as the magazine. It is not just a list of products, but with some articles. One page is dedicated to one or more products. You can use the entire two pages for special clothes.

Fashion Catalog Components

You may have a few collections of a fashion catalog. The company uses the theme and different designs for the upcoming release. However, they are similar in general due to the basic components are not much different. Check the following list to know the things mostly in the catalog.

  1. Front cover

Fashion puts the appearance and style of the utmost aspect. It is about what people see, which means the front cover must be attractive and relevant. You can use some photos and a few words to attract readers.

  1. Table of contents

One catalog may have several pages based on what items the company will sell. After the front cover, you should create a table of contents. This part is necessary as a guide for the reader. The catalog is a book with more pictures and photos. Therefore, you cannot forget the table of contents.

  1. Products with detail and price

The rest of the pages will be for the products and details. You may start with a preliminary introduction, or just explain something. It makes the catalog similar to a magazine, except most of the contents are promoting the upcoming fashion.

  1. Back cover

The last part is the back cover that has an equal level of importance as the front one. Designers must have the same theme and template for the back cover. You can treat this part with the proper design and layout.

Fashion Catalog PSD Template

Preparing a fashion catalog takes time and effort. You need to ensure all products are ready, or at least they will be available. To shorten your time, the PSD template will handle the main layout. You just focus on the contents, including photos and detail. That’s what you will get when using a template for this catalog. 

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