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Attract More Customers by Using Software Product Catalog

Are you looking for the best and effective tool to promote software products? You need a specific tool that can present every product in a detailed way and attractively. Besides, the tool should be beneficial to boost sales. Then, consider using a catalog. Probably, you want to look for a graphic designer to make a catalog now. Yet, making your software product catalog is possible with PSD templates. Some tips for designing the catalog and the design templates are presented here.


Elements of Software Product Catalog

There are some basic elements to include in your catalog. Here they are.

  • Software Product Names

The product name should be included to help customers know what you are promoting. Failing to include the software product name will likely make them throw the catalog in the garbage.

  • Software Product Photographs

Another important element to include in your catalog is software product photos. Photos are the core of the catalog. Customers are possibly attracted to buy the product because of the appealing photographs displayed there.

  • Software Product Specifications

Specifications of the product should be made in a detailed yet concise way. Customers want to know what the product offers without spending too much time reading lengthy explanations.

  • Software Product Price

Yes, never forget about the price tag. To increase your customers’ attraction to the product, including the special offer such as discounts or a limited number of products.


Tips for Designing PSD Software Product Catalog

Here are stated some tips in designing the PSD software product catalog.

  • Choosing the Color Scheme

Color scheme must be chosen wisely to enhance your catalog’s look and attract customers’ eyes. In promoting your software product, it’s suggested to choose a color scheme that portrays simplicity and elegance like white, silver, black, or gold.

  • Using No More than Three Fonts

Apply one to three fonts on the product catalog. You may highlight important points by applying bold, underline, or italic. Make sure that you are consistent in using the fonts for every product description.

  • Taking the High Resolution

Make sure to take the highest resolution for your catalog design. 300 dpi is strongly recommended for the resolution.

  • Choosing the Cover Material

Choosing cover material is also important for your product catalog in terms of portability and durability. Two choices of cover material are flexible paper and cardstock. A rigid cardstock is more durable meanwhile flexible paper is more portable.


Design Ideas of PSD Software Product Catalog

As stated previously, there are some design ideas of the software product catalog in PSD format. They are simply easy to download, edit, and customize with 300 dpi resolution. By having the best design idea on the product catalog, the customers will likely to grab it as soon as possible.


Design Templates of PSD Software Product Catalog

It is time to create your PSD software product catalog with the design templates right now. Choose anything you need since all of the templates are designed professionally with customizable layout and artwork. The high resolution and color scheme are given to adjust your professional marketing need. 

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