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Tshirt Catalog Template and Design Ideas

The catalog becomes an important part of the fashion business and industry. Many brands and companies release new products, and their catalog is the best media for promotion. Well, customers will read this catalog before purchasing it. That’s what you see when having a Tshirt catalog.

This catalog contains t-shirt models with various designs and styles. For your information, this business must adopt the trend that changes regularly. A new t-shirt must contain a design that’s different from the previous one. With the catalog, people can see what kind of style in the stores. You can make the catalog a printed book or online file.

Tshirt Catalog Ideas and Purposes

Using a catalog for fashion products is not a new idea. Some companies put the entire new products in the catalog. On the other hand, they can make the special one, called the Tshirt catalog. The main purpose is customers can find the best product at a specific category. The contents are related to the t-shirt and its design from a certain brand.

Tshirt Catalog Contents

The next section will explore the contents that you can find in the Tshirt catalog. People think the catalog is just a list of products with a price list and fancy photos for the sample. On the other hand, it contains the marketing material to ensure the readers won’t buy products immediately.

  1. Front cover

The catalog begins with the front cover with a business name, brand, and title. It is the book, which means the front cover provides basic introduction and information. The cover also uses a real photo that becomes the most special design. Furthermore, you can add brand and business name, including period, season, or theme. Some brands release catalog monthly, which means there is a date to indicate the period. It is similar to the seasonal catalog, such as for spring, summer, holiday, winter, etc.

  1. Introduction and special offer

After the front cover, you can start with an introduction that explains the theme or situation. It makes the catalog more communicative. You can also put a special offer on the early page.

  1. List of products including prices

The core contents of the catalog are the list of products with the price and description. For a t-shirt, you can enlist two to six products on one page. If the product is special, you can use the entire page for explaining it. As usual, you cannot forget the price to make sure people know how much they spend.

  1. Back cover and contact info

The last section will be the back cover with additional information like phone number, email, store address, and social media.

Tshirt Catalog PSD Design

Designing the catalog will be easier if you use appropriate software. In this case, the PSD design seems to be the best solution. This format is the most recognizable one in the digital design industry, including in the fashion company.

Tshirt Catalog PSD Template

You can rely on the PSD template when creating the Tshirt catalog. If you have too much time, making the catalog from scratch is not an issue. On the contrary, the result might not be as what you expect. To avoid unwanted design and style, the PSD template is the safest way for solving this situation. You can make tons of catalogs only based on a few templates. 

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