Furniture Catalog Free Template in PSD

Furniture Catalog as the Product Sales Document

As household equipment, furniture can be made of plastic, metal, wood, bamboo, and other materials. Starting furniture business may require large capital, but if the furniture business is equipped with the ability to make the furniture items themselves, of course, capital is not as big as only the stock of goods, then resale. However, all need a good concept in marketing by relying on some effective and efficient media, such as the creation of a furniture catalog. The catalog will be a product sales document.

The Furniture Catalog Short Definition

The product catalog is a publication medium of a company and products in the form of a detailed list and product collection. In this case, the intended brand is furniture. The product catalog looks practical in the delivery of complete information about the company and its products. It is presented as a presentation material to explain the quality of the product.

The Furniture Catalog Ideas

Planning to create a catalog is starting from the basic concept, design selection, main design, to the printout. The following is a brief explanation in determining the ideas of designing the furniture catalog.

  • Basic concept

A good concept is needed in creating an elegant and classy catalog. The concept certainly takes the theme selection, images, images description, layouts, as well as attractive graphics and effects. The concept is also not free from determining the purpose of the catalog, such as a sales document.

  • Design selection

The selection of design for the catalog is determined by the initial concept. It can be done by searching and downloading the template as the process of creating the main design.

  • Main design

A selected template can be customized into Photoshop or other graphic design applications. The selected template should be adjusted to the application of the PSD template. The template is equipped with customizable layouts and well-arranged layers. It is easy to design into the application.

  • Printout

The catalog is printed with several sheets of art paper, matt paper, or carton paper. It is also printed with 2 panels: front and back. To produce good print, it is certainly done with a digital print.

The Furniture Catalog Main Benefit

Making a furniture catalog cannot be separated from the benefit provided by describing an item with its description and characteristics. With this benefit, the catalog comes with a practical design that makes it easy for customers to know all product information as their main goal to buy the product. Also, it makes the company easy to present all information about the products.

The Furniture Catalog Content

Besides the design and benefit provided by the furniture catalog, which also needs to be considered is the content of the design in pictures and writing that will be included in the catalog. Pictures and writing are parts of important content from the product catalog. The pictures come in the form of a logo, company, and all furniture products. Meanwhile, the writing contains an overview of furniture products starting with the type, category, material, and price of these products. 

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