Interior Design Catalog Free PSD Template

Interior Design Catalog to Present a Complete Concept

An interior design catalog must be designed with professional quality, as well as a cool appearance and layout. The catalog is created to show the concept and materials of interior design.  Also, it is presented as the tips for choosing the design that fits in your home and room.

The Interior Design Catalog Description

Creating a catalog can expand your consumer network, especially the consumers who will use interior design goods and services. A catalog created for your interior design is a list of regular collections of documentation and information about the product and company as an information medium or publication tool.

The Interior Design Catalog Uses

Interior design is known as the science of layout planning and interior layout within a building, such as in a house, building, or room. The interior design is made for the pleasure and personality of the owner or occupant of the building. The interior design company has provided all the information about planning and designing in the interior design catalog. Here are the uses of this catalog.

  • As a print media of information

In terms of product promotion, the interior design company makes a catalog that contains complete information about the company’s identity and detailed product description. Several catalogs are printed to be then read by customers.

  • As a presentation tool

The second use is as a presentation tool that presents company product features. Besides, it conveys a complete concept of the design and content of the catalog about the promotion of company products to customers.

Several Tips for Interior Design Catalog Making

A catalog created to convey product specifications and details should also be made in a language that is easily understood. To produce the useful interior design catalog, here are the making tips.

  • Theme: this is an outline of the idea you want to use by the concept of the catalog about your company and products.
  • Language and writing: the catalog should be written in simple and uncomplicated language, so it is easily understood by customers. It is the same as the selection of writing in the form of the use of letters that are interesting, but not excessive.
  • Photos: the catalog contains various photos of products along with a clear and detailed description.
  • Paper printout: the catalog is printed on high-quality paper, specifically for printing with a smooth and shiny paper surface. The paper can be the art paper, matt paper, or art carton.

The Interior Design Catalog Template Design

So, do you wish to produce a classy and professional interior design catalog? The PSD template is an easy and fast customizable choice. The template is selected as a working document in the digital application of graphic design, namely Photoshop. It can be downloaded for free on the PSD template website. The template layout is easy to edit and personalize, according to the design needs. Also, it provides high-quality layouts and graphic files with a resolution of 300 dpi as a high-quality standard of graphic design.  

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