Art Magazine Customizable PSD Design Template

Best Art Magazine Design using PSD Template

The art magazine is a publication way that discusses a lot about art. It also has a function to be a consumer magazine. The contents are talking about special art or art in general. This can be an education for those who don’t have enough knowledge about art. On the other hand, magazines can be a form of promotion to the public as readers. It must have the capability to engage with a community or individual who loves art.

Various Type of Art Magazine

There are many art magazines out there with different topics as their power in gaining readers. Many people think the printed magazine is boring because it is too traditional. However, nowadays the art magazine also goes digital as the other books or catalogs do. The various arts divide magazines into some types. For example, 2D and 3D art create two different magazines with various contents.

How to Design Best Art Magazine

The best look for both printed and digital magazines will be satisfying if you follow the steps below.

  1. Pick your special topic

It is better to focus on some main topics only because the content you write on the magazine will be organized well. Even if you have many catalogs showcasing your arts, you need to have a clear, yet unifying topic.

  1. Awesome Tittle is the key

When you decided to make an art magazine, your title must be to the point that explains about the art. It will represent your brand across the platform.

  1. Design the cover

The cover is the representative from the whole pages of the magazine. Expose the artworks or some drawings that represent their value. Make the readers stop by after seeing the cover, but you can try your best by giving additional content if it is needed.

  1. Pick your special masthead

A magazine can be recognized from its iconic mastheads. Use the same typeface as your character of the brand, and play the color of the text to match the cover image.

  1. Decide articles

Many articles can be included as long as they are related to the concept of a magazine. Choose two or three articles as the highlight. Put the title in the cover to make your readers curious.

Template Usage in Art Magazine

Some people argue that to create a unique concept of magazine design, you need to start it from zero to avoid the same concept. Unfortunately, that opinion can’t be proven as the right decision. No matter you use a template or not, when you are capable to give additional content and touch as your idea goes by, your design will be exclusive as well.

PSD Template for Art Magazine Design

The easiest and simplest way to use the template is by having an adjustable file type. PSD template is the answer when you need help in the starting point, but you also need to make art magazines different from others. Having a PSD template will allow you to redesign it as your idea goes by. When you have additional content, you can add them freely without barriers.  

Download :

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