Architecture Magazine Free Template in PSD

Important Notes before Making the Architecture Magazine

When it comes to architecture, you will likely think it is just about sophisticated buildings. In reality, architecture is much more than that. Let’s take an example of the house’s materials, its colors, as well as its details and characteristics like the lighting. These aspects are also considered to make architecture a lot more complex than what people think. This is why a publication, such as architecture magazine, is needed. Architecture does not only need a place to show its complexity, but also a place to inspire people.


Architecture Magazine Essentials

  1. Choose your topics right

You should consider covering factual trends in the magazine. Start by looking for some references on the internet then make the relevant articles. Some examples of the trending architecture trends are small space living, accessibility in design, gender equality in the field, green urban planning, and recycled materials.

  1. Getting your team

Standing alone to make magazine will have you overworked. Plus, it is better to have the experts handling the things within their expertise rather than having one amateur to cover all works. In the case of a magazine, essential jobs that should be covered are writing, layout, managing the finance, and also marketing.

  1. Making your content

Your contents are the end-products your readers will consume. Hence, you should try your best to befit public preferences. Researching public preferences in architecture will help to better understand the current interest and also what sort of articles, layout, and marketing strategies you should use.


The Architecture Magazine Layout

Needless to say, architecture magazines generally have this simplified layout to create a sophisticated look at the magazine. You should try to research how to do a simple, yet excellent layout. You might also need several references to learn.

  1. Pictures used

As we all know, architecture magazine usually employs great pictures with artistic features attached to. Sometimes, it also prioritizes symmetries, a prominent object in interest, and witty lighting play. To get these kinds of pictures, you can get help from photographers. It is best to avoid using stock photos.

  1. Colors

The minimum use of colors is highly preferable. This will include text and ornaments. Think again about the simple layout to achieve elegance for your magazine.

  1. Font styles

It is best to keep the simplicity on track. Using standard serif font can help you to do that. Applying decorative font styles is somehow irrelevant to the image architecture magazine wants to build.


Architecture Magazine PSD Template

You might have encountered PSD extension. It is one of the most well-known template file formats, and you need to use a specific image editor to use it. It is up to customizations, so you don’t need to worry that the template format will hinder you.


Using Template to Make Architecture Magazine

Using a template can be a lifeline to build an inspiring architecture magazine. These days, there are thousands of template providers that serve the downloadable templates. By using them, you only need to put the contents and the pictures to fit the template.  

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