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Get the Various Designs of Hotel ID Card Templates

Using an ID card has been an effective method to avoid confusion between employees and customers. Some companies and businesses design their card with a specific layout. It has several types, but the general layout and styles are quite similar. This is what you see on the hotel ID card. As you know, people go around in the hotel for several purposes and activities. Hotel owner or manager must know what they do, including the clearance and verification. Therefore, the ID card is made to solve the problem.

Hotel ID Card Purposes and Concept

With this card, you can visit or do certain things. In general, the hotel creates several cards, depending on the level of clearance. Some employees can enter the new building, and the rest are just in the usual area. More purposes of the hotel ID card will be explored in the following section.

  1. Identification

The most common purpose of this card is for identification. It contains a photo, name, and necessary information. You know he or she is from the financial department because of what has been written on the card. In the hotel, people can visit and blend with others. You spot a certain person is important after seeing her or his card.

  1. Clearance and access

The next purpose is clearance and access. Housekeeping provides a card that only certain employees have the right and access to enter the room. They have clearance to do what the card provides. Clearance includes restricted areas or anything that requires a high level of access.

  1. Security

The most important thing for using an ID card is security. A hotel is a place where people stay and rest. It must utilize the utmost security measure. The first line of protection is from the security card. Guards and employers will see if people go around in the limited access without an ID card. As a hotel manager, you treat security as the top priority.

Hotel ID Card Design and Style

In general, the hotel ID card design has a standard size and style. It has to be simple and easy to recognize. You don’t want people to have an issue in reading the card from a far location, right? The contents are the name, photo, and occupation, department, job desk, and status. The card for employees will have a big sign as the status. After that, you can see the photo and name. Those are the first things that will be checked by the security guard.

Moreover, the hotel can use several cards with the same basic design and various colors. Guests will have a bright color for easy identification. Meanwhile, employees will receive a solid color that’s similar to the logo. Additional colors are prepared for certain purposes.

Hotel ID Card PSD Template

You can make an ID card easily because the design and style are not many complexes. For repetitive work, it is better to have the PSD. For your information, designers always rely on the PSD file when making the templates for any project. Moreover, you can edit it easily as long as you know the basic features.

Hotel ID Card Free Template

The good thing about the hotel ID card PSD template is it’s free to download. It is not a confidential document or design. On the other side, the ID card is something that every business should have. You can get the templates without paying any fee.  

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