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Hospital ID Card Designs and Downloadable PSD Templates

In the hospital, all doctors and the medical staff will have a Hospital id card. This ID card is necessary to know the identity of the person using the card. It is useful in case-patients or their relatives need to communicate or find certain doctors or staff. In hospitals, even the other staffs also have the ID card, since it is important to know people registered there since it is not everyone able to get full access to the hospital. Related to the ID card, there are many interesting designs to find.


Design of Hospital ID Card

In terms of design, people can find many kinds of concepts brought in the card. Each hospital surely has a different idea. In this case, there are general points to have in there, and these are some of them.

  1. Layout

The first point is about the layout. Since it is in the hospital, the card will have a formal design. That is why there can only be a few options. First, it uses the portrait design, while the second option uses the landscape layout. For hospitals, it is quite rare to find a unique layout orientation.

  1. Pictures or photos

Secondly, it is about the picture of a personal photo. Since it is in the hospital, mostly the Hospital id card has a personal photo on it. It is to help the identification process. However, some personal ID cards of doctors may not need to have the photo.


VIP Pass Hospital ID Card

Hospital is not an area that can be visited by anyone. Even if it is patients or their relatives, they have a limited area to walk on. Even, it is almost possible to explore the whole area, since there are already certain limitations made by the hospital management.

Some area requires a VIP Pass ID card. The Hospital id card is designed to have a certain identification method. For example, it has certain barcodes or QR codes, so it can open the lock and grant access to a certain room. This is different from a regular ID card, and its identification method is the main distinctive point.


Hospital ID Card Ideas

Regarding the ideas of design for an ID card, it is not only limited to the layout orientation and existence of photos. Even if the card can be formal in terms of design, it is still possible to have a creative design applied to it.

For example, some ID cards choose single tone design. In another word, it only uses a single type of color, yet it shows some gradients. This usually uses certain colors that refer to hospital identity. Meanwhile, other cards use the graphic and color combination as the background for the photos and other information.


Hospital ID Card PSD

There are surely many possible designs to find. Of course, it may not be taken lightly even if it is for the ID card. The card will be seen by many people, and it also serves many functions. That is why it needs special consideration.  

To make it simpler it is possible to get an ID card template. This can become an easy solution, and there is a website to get the files. All files can be downloaded, and it is available in PSD format. It enables people to easily customize the Hospital id card.

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