Education ID Card Example PSD Design

Education ID Card Designs for Students and Teachers

In every school, students and teachers always have certain Education id card. Even, the other staffs also have it. Commonly, students will get the ID card, and there is also a badge. The ID card can be kept by them, while the badge can be attached to the shirt’s pocket, so it is easy for teachers to identify the students. Regarding the cards, there are some possible designs to choose from. Commonly, the cards for students and teachers are quite similar, but some institutions create different cards.


Creating Education ID Card

Creating the ID card for schools and education is easier than other cards. In school, it uses formal designs due to the status of its institution. That is why commonly the design is quite rigid, and it pays more attention to the information.

  1. Prepare the design

The first point to do is to choose the theme and design. This also includes the layout orientation, color combination, and placement of other details in the design. For this step, the commonly raw concept can be found.

  1. Make the design

With the raw concept, certain designs can be polished and perfected. This step will require an app or software, so it can be made quickly and easily. Later, the design will be made into a template, so it is easier to place the photo and student’s information.

  1. Input the information

With the fixed design, the next step is the hardest and most important one. It is to fill the details of the student’s and teacher’s ID Card. The Education id card has a photo and other information. This requires meticulousness. Once it is done, the cards are printed.


Student ID Card PSD Design

In school, making the Education id card can be done every year. For teachers and staff, commonly it is only made once. As long as there is no change in formation, it does not require a new card. However, it will be different for the students.

Every year, there are always new batches of students. Of course, it is not a big problem in dealing with the design. The design can be made into a PSD template, so it can be utilized whenever it is necessary. The design may also show something simple since the most important one is the information in there.


Education ID Card Design

Commonly, there is nothing much to do in the ID card for the schools and institutions in the fields of education. However, it does not mean that it needs no design. It still needs design, and it is possible to make the card more attractive.

The color combination and graphic are possible to do. Even, giving borders on the photo, card, and the columns of the ID information is enough. Then, it is possible to have a background in the school logo. It can be made shadowy, and surely it will look great.


Blank Education ID Card

Even if it needs less creativity in making the design, it does not mean that creating the ID cards for schools is easy to do. It still requires certain steps, and it will be better when there is a way to cut the steps.  

It is possible to do since there is a blank ID card template. It can be a great solution since it is ready to use. The file is available in PSD format, and it is easy to download. Later, the details of the template still can be modified. Of course, it can be a good way to shorten the process of making an Education id card.

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