Spa ID Card Free PSD Template

Spa ID Card with Practical Implementation

Most companies create an identification card for several purposes. It is the card that employees use when they are in the workplace. On the other hand, the guests and clients also use this one for identification purposes. In this case, the business owners must prepare the card properly. It doesn’t matter where you work, the ID card is important, including the Spa ID card. As its name, you can see this card in the spa and similar locations.

Spa ID Card Purposes and Use

Before exploring more about the Spa ID card, you should know a few things. The identification in the spa has several purposes. Check the list below for more explanation.

  1. ID card for customer or client

Customers visit the spa to obtain treatment. A business manager must identify them easily. You cannot tell from the way they look and wear.  In certain cases, you should give them the card politely.

  1. The card for employees

The most common purpose is for employees. Everyone who works in the spa must wear the ID card. Usually, the company provides uniforms or clothes to indicate they are the legal employees.

  1. ID card for business activity

The card is also useful to identify the person or people who will enter the spa, but not the customers. They may be suppliers, mechanics, or anyone who has a business activity.

Spa ID Card Design and Style

The spa ID card has the design and style that represents the company or business. Creative design is not restricted to this kind of ID card. Business owners can create an elegant and attractive card that will be an iconic sign for everyone. When visiting this spa, customers will recognize the ID easily.

  1. Background color

Background color is the first thing you should prepare. For the spa, the ID card should have a bright and solid color. Each represents different users. The employees, customers, and guests may have their color.

  1. Logo, name, and status

The contents of this card consist of a logo, name, and status. The logo is a top part, and the status can be placed next. The last part is the name, including the necessary information. Well, status is a sign or position of the owner. For example, you put the guest sign on the card, which indicates the person is a guest. The name section has to be easy to adjust with the photo.

  1. Photo

An employee’s card often has a fixed photo. The company makes this one after the employee is officially hired. Meanwhile, the guest’s card may utilize the removable photo section.

Spa ID Card Design PSD

The design for the ID card relies on PSD format. This is the most popular platform in digital design. Even though you are not familiar with the design field, Photoshop is something you may hear at least once. With this design, you can make various styles for the ID card.

Spa ID Card PSD Template

Some spa businesses have several offers, and clients only need to visit based on their package. For example, the standard offer is on the first floor, and the VIP is in the second one. To distinguish both, you can make a little bit change on the card itself. Each is for a specific condition, user, utilization, and offer. That’s why you can use the ready-made PSD templates for the Spa ID card.  

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