Real Estate ID Card Customizable PSD Design Template

Real Estate ID Card to Give the Formal Impression

Working in the real estate business, you might need an ID card to make it more formal. Besides, you do not need to repeat your identity information towards people around when using the ID card. One way to make people intent to your business formality is wearing the real estate ID card. There are some instructions to realize your expected ID card.

Real Estate ID Card Design Guidelines

In making this ID card, you have to find out the required elements. Here, several explanations of each element will help to specify what you should write on your ID card information.

  1. Using simple font

In informing the ID card content, you should apply a simple font. It purposes to ease people to know you without introducing yourself. Also, the simple font will boost the formality of your real estate business.

  1. Putting personal photo

Putting a personal photo on your ID card is also important. The photo has a function to be evidence for real estate employee status. Hence, the formal personal photo is used to make the ID card look attractive.

  1. Inserting needed information

Since ID card only purposes to introduce you to the clients, you are allowed to put the needed information, such as your name, position, contact person, and many others. Using exaggerated information will decrease your formality.

Important Elements on Real Estate ID Card

  1. Personal name

The name becomes the most important thing in the real estate ID card. When you have introduced yourself to clients, you do not need to remind them if they forget your name.

  1. Personal photo

The personal photo on the ID card will make the clients believe in you. Also, it adds the quality serving of your business because the photo will adorn the ID card.

  1. Personal position

To clear that the ID card belongs to you, you have to draw your position out there. Besides, the clients are going to know who the employee that must be met when they are in a specific problem.

  1. Business logo

The logo aims to provide the identity and quality of the typical business. On the other hand, it influences the clients’ trust in your business.

  1. Contact Person

In easing the clients to call, you have to put your contact person on your real state ID card. Well, the contact person can be a phone number, email address, or social media accounts.

Real Estate ID Card PSD Template Sample

The template samples for an ID card is plentiful. There is one for the real estate business. This ID card template becomes the reference for you who want to improve the formality of your real estate business. Moreover, the template sample is free to be accessed.

Real Estate ID Card PSD Templates

The template is in PSD format. It means you could change the unwanted things toward the sample that you have been taken. PSD keeps all the editing process. Also, you are free to remove or add the selected editing element. By looking at the layer, you can realize your real estate ID card.  

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