Barbershop ID Card Template Free PSD

Barbershop ID Card in Various Template Designs

Barbershop becomes one of place to visit regularly. At least, every month people will go to this to get the hair cut. For those who already have a favorite barbershop, commonly the barbershop will offer a Barbershop id card as members, and it can come with some benefits, such as discounts. The ID cards can also be found in the barbers and other staff in the place. Regarding the design, each barbershop can have a different concept to show.


Parts of Barbershop ID Card

The ID cards in barbershops can have many variations. Each brand and place may have different designs. However, commonly there are similarities in term of information to deliver, such as:

  1. Barbershop’s name

The first part from the top is about the barbershop’s name. It is also possible to have a logo when there is one. This becomes important since the ID card will refer specifically to a certain user and specific barbershop, even when there is a branch of the office.

  1. Photo

After that, the clear and big part is about the photo. Commonly, this will be found in the barber ID card. However, some barbershops also make the member card with photo. This will be a good way to identify the owner.

  1. Personal information

After that, the last part is about the personal or card owner’s information. Normally, it shows the name and ID code. For the other details, it depends on each barbershop. Even, it is possible to show the address.


The Barber ID Card Functions

In the barbershop, barbers are persons required to have Barbershop id card. The ID card can serve many functions, and it is not limited to identify the person. Some barbershops use the card as the way to sign the attendance. It shows a certain code that can be identified by the engine.

For the details, commonly the ID card for barbers and staff will have certain identification of position. For barbers, even it can have information about the specialty in certain haircuts. This can be important information for customers later.


Barbershop Member ID Card

Some barbershops also have the Barbershop id card for members. Loyal customers can have a member card, and it can give plenty of benefits. Commonly, the customer will be offered to make the membership when they visit for the first time.

Regarding the member card with some benefits, commonly it also has certain code to identify the owner in the database. Later, it can give a certain discount or other benefits after some visits. The information can also include the card’s owner name, ID number, address, and even social media.


Barbershop ID Card PSD Design Ideas

Regarding the design, the cards can have a portrait or landscape PSD design. This is the first option to have. Commonly, the portrait is made for the barbers since they need to wear it as a name tag. Then, the designs can have certain details regarding the colors and graphics.  

Some barbershops only use a single type of color, but it uses several gradients. This becomes a good way when the barber already has certain colors as its identity. Moreover, the designs commonly have creative ideas, and it can utilize some patterns or pictures to beautify the design of PSD Barbershop id card.  

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