Car Parking Ticket Free PSD Template

Car Parking Ticket to Count the Car’s Number

Well, the parking area becomes a safe place to keep the car. You need the car parking ticket as proof that you have put your car there. Furthermore, the ticket can improve your belief towards protection. Besides, the ticket also guarantees the damages. It will be safer because each driver will get a different ticket. So, how to make a simple parking ticket, and what the information that should be put down?

Significant Information on Car Parking Ticket

  1. Tittle

The title is an important thing to be informed on a parking ticket. It could be the office’s name, public area’s name, or market’s name. It is used to show that the parking area is under certain agency protection. In conclusion, the agency will provide responsibility for the cars’ damage or loss.

  1. Address and Contact Person

The address of the intended place also influences the driver’s credibility. Besides, a contact person is also needed. Both information aims to ease the driver where to go to complain about the performance of the parking attendant.

  1. Number ticket

In anticipating car loss, the ticket has to provide the number. It uses to register the car’s in and out. Moreover, the number of ticket counts the parking car’s number every day.

  1. Date/Time and Barcode

To avoid the re-use of a parking ticket, the date and time should be included. If the ticket is manually checked, it could remind the parking attendant. Besides the date and time, the barcode is an important element as well. Putting a barcode is one of the safety measures.

Guidance for Designing Simple Car Parking Ticket

  1. Applying one color

It is better to apply one color only. It implies a simple impression and makes the drivers easily read the ticket.

  1. Customizing some fonts

You can also combine two or three kinds of fonts on a car parking ticket. Choosing a simple font is better to make the information readable because the ticket is made in a small size.

  1. Splitting 2 layouts

In dividing two kinds of information, splitting two layouts can be an effective way. One side usually consists of the parking area’s name, date or time, and contact person. Meanwhile, another side usually presents the barcode and ticket number.

Car Parking Ticket PSD Template and Samples

There are some examples of car parking tickets to choose from. The ticket is very useful. Well, the PSD template is a referral source to create a parking ticket. You can adapt the style on the template or adjust it based on personal needs.

Available PSD Format for Car Parking Ticket

The template is available in PSD format. It might look too common, but the format keeps your editing. Therefore, you can adjust the selected editing process which does not match your expectation. You can also drop down an additional picture, sign, or information towards the template. Hence, you do not need to take any considerations to make a concept of the parking ticket. You ultimately will get the best and useful car parking ticket.  

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