Sports Raffle Ticket Customizable PSD Design Template

Sports Raffle Ticket to Support your Sports Event

In supporting your event of sports, a raffle ticket is an important thing to be a registration tool. On the other hand, a sports raffle ticket can also imply the sport’s official you will hold. The ticket aims to make the registrants easier to list their identity as a participant. Therefore, the raffle ticket should be simply designed to make it readable. How can you create this kind of ticket in a short time? What is the needed information to be included?

Main Information in Sports Raffle Ticket

  1. Event’s Title

To make people know about the sporting event you will carry out, the title can be put in the ticket as the outline of the event. The title will inform the registrants that they are going to support the particular sport’s event. You can put the title in the first information order.

  1. Event’s Slogan

The slogan on the ticket could influence the participants. They will be more enthusiastic about this event. Hence, the slogan should be expressed by using a persuasive sentence.

  1. Prizes’ Information

To improve the participants’ encouragement in following the sport’s event, the prizes information can be dragged down in the ticket.

  1. Event’s Date

The date is included as important information on the sports raffle ticket. It aims to inform the participants about the sport’s execution time.

  1. Event’s Place

Besides the date, the place also becomes the compulsive announcement for the participants. It helps them to know where they should go to attend the event.

Guidelines for Sports Raffle Ticket Design

  1. Combining several fonts

It does not matter to combine several fonts on a sports ticket. It used to take the hint for the ticket. Moreover, it also differs from a piece of information to another.

  1. Applying basic color or several colors combination for background

Applying bright colors is recommended for sports tickets. Meanwhile, color combinations can also give an enthusiastic impression.

  1. Dropping a photo

Also, add the photo as well. Just drop it based on the event type. It can be real photos or cartoon pictures.

  1. Making two layouts to distinguish registrant’s identity and event’s declaration

The ticket is divided into two layouts. The first layout is for the event’s declaration, while another one is for participant registration proof. Both are placed in a row to simplify the participants’ eyesight.

Sports Raffle Ticket PSD Template

There are several PSD template samples for a sports raffle ticket. It becomes the payment proof of the selected sport’s event. Besides, it also functions as a registration proof. The template model can be your reference in what you should edit and draw the information towards the ticket.

Sports Raffle Ticket PSD Format

The ticket sample is available in PSD format. It helps you to minimize the time to determine what kind of concept you will apply on the ticket. Moreover, the PSD format presents all the editing process, so you will easily change, add, or remove some items. Also, you can locate the additional details you want. Well, the sports raffle ticket templates are available for a fee  

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