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Wedding Ticket PSD Template for Some Purposes

Using Wedding Ticket is not a new idea, but the implementation is relatively limited. Some people put extra measures about privacy. They only invite a few close families and friends. To do such a thing, they use a special ticket.

Wedding Ticket Purposes

The purposes of Wedding Tickets are not just something you show before entering the venue for watching the event or concert. It is a wedding, which means the ticket is from the ones who have the event. The guests usually receive the ticket directly from the groom, bride, or their family.

  1. Wedding invitation

The ticket is mostly for a wedding invitation. Some weddings are held as private events that only a few people can attend. They limit the guests, which means everyone at the wedding is deliberately invited.

  1. Knowing who will attend

From the tickets, you can tell who will attend the event. This is just time management to ensure no one is left behind during the wedding. If the event involves important people, the ticket is used as a security measure. No one can enter the venue without showing this ticket.

  1. Information board

The last purpose is just an information board. Everything about the wedding is explained as detailed as possible. It includes maps and directions.

Wedding Ticket Design and Ideas

For your information, some people keep the ticket as collectible items. Moreover, it is useful for the historical record that explains what has been done. For such reason, the design has to be elegant and memorable. The ideas may come from various references and inspirations. You can start with a wedding theme then use it for the ticket concept. After that, expand the design with a more artistic touch, such as the pattern, color, background, and picture. One thing you must put in a photo. It makes the ticket look original and attractive.

Wedding Ticket PSD Template

You can make Wedding Ticket with the PSD template. It makes your task simpler and more reliable. As you know, PSD is the standard platform for almost digital designs. You can use Photoshop when accessing and editing this template.

Main Items on Wedding Ticket PSD Template

From the template, you can make various tickets for a wedding. It can be done in a short time even you can make tons of tickets with many designs for a single wedding. Each guest will have a different design, but the main content is relatively similar.

  1. Ticket layout

The ticket for a wedding is quite different from other events. People do not buy and look for it because it is directly from the bride and groom. They choose who will be in their wedding. After that, they use the layout as similar to the invitation.

  1. Title and name

You can tell the ticket is for a certain event called a wedding. That’s more than enough to justify what it is. The name should represent the entire situation regarding the wedding.

  1. Photo, illustration, or picture

You can add a photo or picture. Adding photo seems the best option to make the design more attractive. Furthermore, the couple can show off a little bit because the wedding is their moment. Having exclusive photos on this ticket creates a more personal touch.

  1. Wedding detail

The last part on Wedding Ticket is the detail. It explains the date, time, place, and venue. If the wedding has a certain theme, additional information should be informed on this ticket.  

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