Music Concert Ticket PSD Template Free

Music Concert Ticket as the Entrance Document

A music concert is a live performance in the form of live musical performances with hundreds to thousands of spectators. For a music concert with famous musicians, of course, it requires a ticket for someone to watch the event. The music concert ticket must be packaged attractively and professionally to signify the professionalism of the music organizer.

Music Concert Ticket Functions

To attend a music concert, you certainly require a fee as an entrance. The entrance is a ticket, which the price varies. It usually depends on the type of music concert, or the origin of the artists or musicians. For example, a ticket price for domestic and foreign musicians differs in price. Ticket sales will later be made as a benefit for musicians, place owners, and also for music organizer. It can also be for some cases in charity concerts. Some profits will be shared for those who need it.

Music Concert Ticket Brief Description

A ticket is usually said to be a document from the entrance to an event, a trip by public transportation, etc. The music concert ticket is a thin sheet of paper, or usually a kind of art paper that is printed using a particular machine. The shape is rectangular with a standard size of 5.5 × 2 inches. It is then printed with full color and the design by the theme of the music event.

Music Concert Ticket PSD Template

There are several things to consider in designing a music concert ticket, including:

  1. Template Choice

The ready-made template is a file that has a preset format. In this case, the PSD template is the design choice for the ticket. It is indeed used as a starting point for the photo editing application. This format does not need to be created every time you use it.

  1. Template design

The PSD template design is done into Photoshop software. The design will simplify the editing process in Photoshop as the main PSD format software. Through the template, it is easy to customize the texts, colors, and images. The layers are well arranged and make the design easy to edit. The PSD format will store all image data and file layers after the editing process.

Music Concert Ticket PSD Template Excellence

Also, the PSD template is intentionally provided to be easily and quickly customizable, especially with the expertise in photo editing or graphic design. This is done without spending a lot of time, even arguably very efficient.  

The template for a concert music ticket is designed simply. Even though it is simple, the appearance of the design gives an elegant and professional impression. Here are the excellences of the template.

  • The resulting image is satisfying. CMYK color composition with a resolution of 300 dpi.
  • The format is created to be easily operated into Photoshop.
  • The layouts are fully customizable. These make the design easier to customize the texts, images, and colors later.
  • The template can be edited repeatedly by not reducing the image quality.
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