Thanksgiving Postcard Free Download PSD

Thanksgiving Postcard as Interesting and Affordable Media for the Recipient

Thanksgiving is a celebration of gratitude at the end of the harvest season which is usually done in the fourth week of November, precisely on Thursday. For the celebration itself, someone can send the gratitude via Thanksgiving postcard as a personal greeting to the sender. For a company, it is to strengthen cooperation with clients or partners and promote the company’s brand.

Thanksgiving Postcard Brief Description

A postcard for Thanksgiving is a thick piece of paper that’s usually in form of thin cardboard containing greeting on Thanksgiving. The remark is as a form of gratitude for the harvest season based on its background.

The postcard is packaged beautifully, funny, or interesting. It does not need an envelope because the contents of the message are not as confidential as the contents of the letter. The message delivered is brief and only to give news and congratulations. It currently has the main purposes that will be explained in the next point.

Thanksgiving Postcard Purposes

Thanksgiving is the most important part of American society. It is also considered as a celebration of a month before the coming of Christmas. As a courtesy to others, the greeting can be done through a postcard that has the following purposes.

  • To respect one another

A postcard for Thanksgiving celebration is used to honor and respect each other. It can also strengthen the ties of brotherhood, so a sense of belonging arises. The postcard can also be an invitation to celebrate Thanksgiving together.

  • To strengthen cooperation

For a company, sending the Thanksgiving postcard aims to strengthen the cooperation with clients and partners for the business. It also presents to express gratitude to the recipient of the card for using the company’s products. It surely can increase company brand promotion.

Thanksgiving Postcard PSD Template

Designing Thanksgiving postcard requires no more time and thought. It can be searched and downloaded instantly for a sample design. Choosing the PSD template is an easy way for the postcard design process. PSD is an abbreviation of Photoshop Document which is an extension file from Adobe Photoshop. The file will be in the form of an image, and the layouts are fully customizable in Photoshop.

Thanksgiving Postcard PSD Template Detail Design

The following can be a detailed plan for a PSD template on the Thanksgiving postcard.

  1. Size

The postcard is designed with a size of 6 × 4 inches plus Bleed with a tolerance of at least 3-5 mm.

  1. Shape

The postcard is formed with a layout in landscape orientation. There are vector objects that can be scaled. It is designed to front and back.

  1. Quality

The template file comes with a high-quality image, 300 dots per inch, or dpi resolution. The resulting color composition looks accurate as it uses the CMYK color space.

  1. Features

The features found on Smart Objects certainly provide convenience and satisfaction to add and replace images, texts, colors, or other settings. The layers in the well-arranged template file are split in Photoshop for the customization process.

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