Construction Business Postcard PSD Template Free

Construction Business Postcard as A Medium for Branding

A construction business postcard is a piece of thick paper or in the form of thin cardboard with a rectangular shape sent by a construction business as a corporate branding medium. Equation with a letter is the same as a tool for sending the message by post or other delivery locations. However, there are also a few things that distinguish them from function, purpose, price, and design. The following are some explanations about a postcard for business in the construction sector.

Construction Business Postcard Excellence

Based on its main function as a medium for branding, a postcard for businesses in the construction sector has advantages, including the following:

  1. Providing more than one information

Through a postcard, the information can be entered into it, for example by promoting the construction business, conducting price promotions, telling the news, congratulating, thanking, and so forth. Inside the postcard will also include the promotional program, so customers are impressed by saving the postcard to be used later.

  1. Giving a different and personal touch

A postcard can be intended as a thank you letter to customers who have used the services or products of the construction business. It adds to the impression of attractive and elegant design, as well as a personal touch for customers. The postcard is also a respect for customers for their willingness to use your business services.

  1. Easy to use and print

Unlike a letter, the postcard does not require an envelope to keep the contents of the letter confidential. The message displayed is not as much as the letter. This postcard is affordable, flexible, and printed easily and cheaply. It is usually printed using the U-Print tool which is considered an easy, fast, and good result.

Construction Business Postcard Basic Ideas

The construction business postcard comes as a thank you message, an invitation for cooperation for a long time, giving awards, and giving discounts to customers. This is also commonly referred to as a letter written on a card with a certain shape and size.

Construction Business Postcard Basic Design

The construction business postcard is specifically designed with features different from a letter. Thin cardboard paper as the card is the choice for design paper. In the initial design, the selection of a PSD template can be downloaded for free. The design has been arranged in all layouts of writing, coloring, and other effects. This certainly makes you easier when editing the template in Photoshop programming.

Construction Business Postcard Template

The PSD template chosen as the design of a construction business postcard has the following specifications.

  • Size

For a postcard, the size is 5 × 7 inches plus Bleed. Bleed is a part of the design area outside the cutting line that functions as an anticipation of the low level of accuracy in the cut.

  • Shape

The shape of a postcard is rectangular, according to its size, and the orientation is horizontal or landscape. It is also designed back and forth.

  • Smart objects

They are considered as powerful tools in Photoshop. They can be used to speed up workflows. The PSD template has high image quality, and Smart Objects can maintain the quality of the image. It can even reduce the size of the file that’s designed and then saved as a digital work.  

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