Graduation Postcard Free Template in PSD

Using Graduation Postcard to Congratulate Your Beloved Ones

You must understand the intense feeling of studying, doing homework, doing school projects, and having a final exam during the school period. The end of the term must be the day you are dying to wait for. Yet, there is a very special day you are waiting for: graduation day. On that day, you will be remembered by bittersweet moments with your teachers and friends. The months before your graduation day may be the most emotional time since you know that togetherness with friends will end. One thing that follows during graduation day is congratulatory messages from your dearest ones. To congratulate friends or relatives who are about to graduate, you may need a postcard. Here, you will find some tips and templates for designing the graduation postcard.


Messages in Graduation Postcard

There are some messages you may include in your postcard.

  1. Congratulations

You have to write sincere congratulations as you are happy for his/her achievement.

  1. Advice

You may think of uplifting words to write in the postcard to boost your graduate’s spirit. If you have ever received any inspirational advice from other influential people in your life, you can add that too.

  1. Encouragement

You are suggested to encourage your beloved graduate to follow his/her dream and embrace the future.

  1. Closings

Finally, you need to end the message with a warm closing as you mean your words. Some warm-hearted phrases such as “With love”, ”Best wishes”, or “God bless” will perfectly end the postcard.


Design Guidelines of PSD Graduation Postcard

The guidelines for designing the PSD graduation postcard are stated below.

  1. Input a Photo

This is the essence of your postcard – graduate’s photograph. Your beloved ones photo must be proudly displayed on the postcard.

  1. Font Style

You need to pay attention to the use of font style since you are writing a beautiful and meaningful message in the postcard. Make sure to choose a legible font style, so it won’t ruin the value of your message.

  1. Text

Text is also a crucial part of a postcard since it conveys your love and prayers. Postcards don’t have a very big space, so you have to write the message short and straight to the point.

  1. Colors

Colors enhance the postcard look and catch the eyes. You need to choose the colors that represent your pride in his/her achievement.


Design Ideas for PSD Graduation Postcard

There are some design ideas of PSD graduation postcard templates to choose from. You may create photo collages with different poses or use image filters to make it more artistic. Don’t hesitate to be creative with your postcard design and have fun customizing the layout.


Design Templates of PSD Graduation Postcard

Here, you are presented with free design templates of graduation postcard which you can instantly download, edit, customize, and save in PSD format. All of them are beautifully designed and available with 300 dpi resolution to adjust your need. Don’t be surprised to see your beloved one’s reaction when reading the message.  

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