Social Media Marketing Postcard Example PSD Design

Social Media Marketing Postcard to Expand Your Business Network

The promotion of business is usually done by distributing leaflets, displaying banners, and holding certain events. All of them certainly require a huge cost. However, they are the initial sacrifice for marketing strategies. For now, social media are considered cheap in marketing the product. Well, to convey information and expand your business network, you need to create and send social media marketing postcard to customers and business partners.

The Social Media Marketing Postcard Procurement

For those who have experience in social media marketing, of course, a postcard is also important to reach people’s attention to your product. This is certainly one of the marketing strategies. The postcard was originally to deliver news to the sender, in the form of a thank you message, but all information can be conveyed through the postcard recently. The information is in the form of a call for cooperation as a follow-up and introducing new products to existing customers and partners.

Social Media Marketing Postcard Basic Format

The format of the social media marketing postcard is PSD, which is a default application from Photoshop. It will be designed in the form of a template as the basis for postcard digital design. Moreover, a postcard is a leaflet wit an attractive image beside the message and the sender’s identity inside. It also gives the recipient a sense of personal ownership because it comes with a unique and interesting piece of thick paper. It can be stored or used as a collection by the recipient.

Social Media Marketing Postcard PSD Templates

Moreover, choosing the PSD template for a social media marketing postcard is the best way as a first step to support the creative design. The customizable template is downloaded instantly. It comes in the form of a layered image. The layers later are as a place for objects to combine several images. The layouts can be fully customized by writing, adding, or changing colors and images.

Social Media Marketing Postcard Procurement Steps

Also, a social media marketing postcard gives you the opportunity for you to send it to customers and partners in promoting your business. The most important thing is in the attractive design, with the choice of letters, colors, and effects. To make the postcard, the following steps can be done.

  • Choose the template that has been provided as a digital work design file.
  • Complete the template details with the editing process. Since it is in PSD format, the editing process can be done in Photoshop.
  • The postcard has two panels: front and back. The front can be the motivation words or related to the brand of the business. Meanwhile, the back panel is divided into the left and right side, which consists of the shipment date, name and address of the sender and recipient, the message, and so forth. For the layouts, it depends on the template design.
  • Print the postcard according to the size of the template that has been determined for a postcard with 5 × 7-inch size plus Bleed.

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