Barbershop Postcard Template Photoshop

Unique and Elegant Ideas of Barbershop Postcard

Now, the business utilizes a postcard for advertising media. That’s what you see on the barbershop postcard. The design and style are quite similar to flyers or brochures, but customers can send it to others. On the other hand, the barbershop marketing division can use a postcard for mail advertising. Potential customers will receive this card in their homes.

Barbershop Postcard Purposes and Ideas

You may receive a postcard from your cousins during their holiday last year. It contained pictures related to the tourist destination and their handwritten message. This is the old way of using a postcard. Today, you can have it in your mailbox, not from your friends or family, but barbershops. They may offer a special discount for a new haircut. This is an example of advertising via a postcard.

Barbershop Postcard Design and Style

The design for the barbershop postcard depends on the purpose of the postcard itself. For advertising, the shop owner must put extra effort into creating an attractive layout and composition. The picture, layout, color, background, and words are marketing-friendly. On the other side, the postcard is also useful as a gift that barbershop sends after the clients receive their service.

The postcard usually has two sides: front and back. Each is dedicated to a different function. If you put all marketing contents on both sides, it is no longer a postcard, but a brochure. On the contrary, one card has to be detailed about the sender and recipient. It does not have to be full side because a small fraction is enough.

Barbershop Postcard Components

Barbershop postcard has components that are most similar when you see one and other. The design and appearance might be different, but the key items are relatively similar.

  1. Title and name

You need an eye-catching title and name for this postcard. The title represents the entire content and theme. This postcard is not for full marketing media due to limited space. That’s why you only pick the most important content. It starts with the name that can capture attention quickly.

  1. Photos

Barbershop advertising must contain photos as samples and illustrations. It brings back into the basic of barbershop business where people visit for fixing their hair. In that case, you need to provide photos related to the service you offer. Make sure the photos represent the real result that customers expect.

  1. Main content

The main content is the most important part when creating this postcard. Examples of contents are a business introduction, new offer, and discount for holiday, as well as the end year sale for a special haircut.

  1. Contact info

The last part is the contact info, including the address and location. People must know where they can get your offer or just visit your barbershop.

Barbershop Postcard PSD Template

Barbershop is a business where appearance and style play a major role. In that case, the company usually hires professionals for designing the postcard. Of course, it costs extra money, and there is no guarantee that the customers will come. As a solution, you can have a free PSD template for a barbershop postcard. It has organized layers for each component. You can also edit it with photos on your own.  

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