Photographer Postcard in PSD Photoshop

Making the Professional Photographer Postcard

What’s people trust when they want to seek for a photographer is by seeing the result of pictures. The first impression will determine whether they are going to have a call-to-action by being your customer. Therefore, photographer postcard matters to sway their opinion about your professionalism as a photographer.

The Professional Photographer Postcard

It is no longer a question about why people trust photographers after they look at the captured photo in their postcard. To maintain their order or interest, as a photographer, you need to create a postcard with professional looks. The way to make it is by giving your result of photo-works on it, and makes sure the image resolution served on its best. Place the image in the right position, so your clients can see it as the center of the postcard.

The Steps to Make Professional Photographer Postcard Design

Professional looks for the postcard concept can be made by creating a simple design with photography results as its main content. Here are some methods to design the best postcard.

  1. Mix neutral colors

The most common neutral colors are black and white. It is a good idea if you make the message jump off the page by overlaying the neutral color as its background. How about the artistic touch? You can give colorful text or logo just to make it balance and not too flat.

  1. Embrace the season

As we know, photography always relates to the calendar. There are winter photos, wedding photos, or holiday photos in the summer. If you design it for a wedding photographer postcard, make sure you know how identically the wedding season looks like.

  1. Include QR code as your complete information

If you are going to make the postcard as a promotion tool, provide clear information to the clients. First of all, give the logo, brand’s name, or photographer’s name. Give the additional promo if any, or prices. After that, this is the most important thing to provide QR code that linked to your online portfolio, so clients have access to explore your works more.

  1. Add the clear call-to-action

Since the marketing strategy always aims a call-to-action from the target as a result, it is better to give a clear statement for your postcard. A simple sentence like “Don’t wait any longer, grab your slot” is the key to trigger the interest

Customizing PSD Photographer Postcard Templates

There are various types of photographer postcard, so it is impossible to design the postcard one by one. The easiest way to solve this problem is by creating a general template to customize the postcard. You can give additional pictures, and change the call-to-action or the information based on the purpose of the template.

Editable Photographer Postcard PSD Template

By using the PSD template, it is possible to create an editable postcard that allows you to have the editing process freely. You will be able to have a thousand chances in editing at different times but in the same quality. Your work will be optimized to the fullest extent. By that, creating the photographer postcard is no longer a hard thing to do.  

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