Ice Skating Ticket Example PSD Design

Get the Ice Skating Ticket Template and Sample

The sport hobby that’s usually only found in a special place is ice skating. The exercise is fun and entertaining. It also helps the physical movement of the joints and leg muscles. For you who are interested in this sport, usually, certain malls provide the ice skating ticket.

Ice Skating Ticket Purposes

Ice skating is a sport that’s performed on the surface of ice which is used as a foundation. The skating uses blade boots on the soles. This sport is carried out in the majority of countries with the cold or snowy season. However, the sport can also be found in tropical countries with artificial ice skating areas, for example in malls or another indoor area.

The ice skating ticket comes as a sign to enter the sport. The ticket is here to facilitate the service process, so the use of this facility can be well-organized. The ticket is also be used as a promotion. Therefore, more visitors can utilize the ice skating facility. The ticket can be a discount for loyal or prospective customers.

Ice Skating Ticket Contents

The ice skating ticket is also made for sports competitions. So, it is for anyone who wants to watch it. It indicates the contents are sometimes different. Well, the entry ticket consists of:

  1. The name of an ice skating

It is the name of the ice skating business or the name of the ice skating competition for the competition ticket.

  1. The date of the ticket

The date aims to ensure the entry of the ticket owner stated on the ticket.

  1. The address of the ice skating

The address relates to the place where ice skating is located.

  1. Ticket number

The number is used differently for each other to avoid double usage.

  1. Entry fee

The Fee relates to money spent on ice skating or watching it if the goal is for competition.

  1. Image

An image is certainly associated with this type or theme of the sport.

Ice Skating Ticket Template

The graphic design or photo editor has designed and provided several templates for a ticket related to ice skating. The templates can be searched online then downloaded instantly to choose one as a sample for ticket design later. The PSD format can be chosen as a customizable template. It is a layered image file specifically designed for easy and fast editing into Photoshop.

Ice Skating Ticket Template Specification

Obtaining a good design for ticket certainly requires a foundation in graphic design or photo editing. Moreover, it is accompanied by the presence of a downloadable template as a starting point in the design process. This will certainly simplify the customization process.  

The template specifications for the ice skating ticket are as follows.

  • Quality

The PSD template presented with high-quality CMYK color composition with a resolution of 300 dpi. Even when the editing is complete, the template is saved as a file without reducing the quality of the image.

  • Size and shape

The size follows the original template size which is 5.5 “× 2”, with a rectangular shape. Meanwhile, the style of orientation is in the landscape.

  • Layer

The layer groups are well organized, and the layer itself functions to merge several images into one.

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