Vintage Food Ticket PSD Template Free

The Vintage Food Ticket Template in Practical Design

Food ticket has been the best method to ensure you have enough food before giving away to people. At school, this kind of ticket is usually for student’s meals. In general, the food ticket contains information about the place, date, identification, and things related to the food system or regulation. You can make this ticket more attractive with a fancy style. However, it takes time and effort because you must think creatively to get the best design. On the contrary, Vintage Food Ticket seems to be the right solution. The ticket looks simple yet elegant.

Vintage Food Ticket Ideas and Purposes

Food ticket has several purposes that should be considered before designing it. This is not a new thing since the ticket is known for charity or welfare distribution. The church and charity organizations often use this ticket for giving away some foods. You can get the food after exchanging it with the ticket.

In that case, the main purpose is just to exchange the tool as similar to money. With this ticket, a charity organization can calculate how many foods that they must prepare. Moreover, they can control the number of foods based on available resources. Based on that situation, the ticket is designed for practical use, and the Vintage Food Ticket is the right choice for such a thing.

Vintage Food Ticket Design and Style

The next section will explore the design and style of Vintage Food Ticket. Vintage is strongly related to the old and classic themes with less digital design. More explanations will be on the following list.

  1. Plain color

The key design for the vintage style is plain color. The ticket has two main colors that are very different. One side is bright and the next one is relatively darker.

  1. Less background and ornament

Vintage may look less attractive because it does not have much ornament, pattern, and background. You only see the plain color with a logo or sign.

  1. Simple text

The content in this ticket is to the point. You can read easily, and the text uses the regular font. On the other side, such simplicity makes the design more attractive.

  1. Old and classic vibe

When discussing vintage, you should look back decades ago, and see what kind of design at that time. For food tickets, you do not need to make much change since the first release. If the charity is held for years, changing the classic ticket is definitely not a good idea. Therefore, you might keep it as it should be for the rest of the years to come.

Vintage Food Ticket PSD Template and Sample

Creating a vintage style for food tickets is not a difficult task. In fact, you can make it from scratch. Due to its simplicity, you can design it as long as you know what to be on that ticket. For quick designing, you should consider having a PSD template.

Vintage Food Ticket PSD Template Benefits

Charity is not the only event where free food is available. Some offices and companies issue a food stamp or ticket for their workers. They can get the food based on what has been stated on that ticket. As similar to charity, the design for such a ticket is merely practical. Of course, it still has a logo and a few important things. The PSD Vintage Food Ticket template provides some benefits. It is free and you do not need to pay for it. Moreover, the design is various and easy to customize.  

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