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Graduation Ticket Design for High School Graduation Party

As we know, the graduation party is often held by schools to celebrate the moment where their students have been graduated. It usually uses graduation tickets as an entry requirement. Moreover, the ticket is also used as data for the committee, and it is usually sold to the public as well. In other words, the ticket is used as a form of marketing service.

The Playful Graduation Ticket Design

There are various themes for the graduation party that students will attend. It is usually matched to the guess star or the performer identity. However, the common concept of designing a graduation ticket is it must be playful. To attract targeted audiences, it should have a special look that indicates the party will be so much fun.

The Easy Steps to Design Graduation Ticket

Well, some steps can be the guidance for you to have a great look at graduation ticket design. Here are some easy ways to make it awesome.

  1. The size selection

Before you start the design, fix the design size first. Just use the ideal size for the ticket, which is not too small or too big because it can impact the final look of the ticket itself.

  1. The background and layout

Consider the theme of the event as the background for ticket design. It may help to attract audiences when you give the guess a star photo or logo there. The layout also needs to be adjusted based on the concept of the whole design. Make it as artsy as possible, and it must be cheerful.

  1. Add a serial number

Do not forget to add a serial number space when you design the ticket. Well, it is really important to make sure that every ticket has a different serial number. If it is possible, you can add the barcode too.

  1. The text and event image

If you want to add the image or text, please don’t forget to customize them into a unique component. You can select different text styles or colors.

The Graduation Ticket Design and Its Impact to Audience

It is crystal clear the ticket is something that will go directly to the targeted audience. Another marketing tool besides the event poster is a graduation ticket. It will trigger the first impression from audiences when they know the event. It will help you to promote the graduation event through the direct note receipt by the audience.

Designing the Graduation Ticket using PSD Templates

The graduation ticket may be difficult to be adjusted because the size must be suitable, and the design takes a special time. However as the designer, you do not need to be worry because the available PSD templates may help you to get another solution of design. Your ideas may grow better when you start with an editable PSD template. The additional touch is needed, but you will take a longer time to have a blank space and create your design from zero. It will save your energy and time in order to have a great outcome.  

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