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Using a clothing magazine template is going to help a lot when you try to design the magazine. This is why these templates down below are capable to give you a hand. For those who are looking for some great templates to eventually produce a nice-looking magazine with a fashion theme, here are some available templates for you. Download them for free right now.


Typical Clothing Magazine Templates

There are several typical clothing magazine templates that you should know. It is usually more on how many pages the templates are. These are some most common ones. You should decide which one of them to use before deciding the content. The amount of content will be different in each template. Here they are for you to see.

  1. 12 Pages Templates

If you want a simpler magazine, you can take a look at the 12-page template. It is thinner and smaller for sure. It is more like on a booklet side than a magazine. Even though it is smaller in size, the content can be great, too. You can use this kind of template when you do all the reporting and editorial things on your very own.

  1. 26 Pages Templates

This is the most common template for the magazine. It has 26 pages and they should be enough for all the contents planned for the magazine. They are including the cover, the table of content, and the gallery. You should use this template when your magazine is planned to be commercially published.


Clean Fashion Magazine Template

There is nothing better than a clean-designed magazine. This one is a template for clothing magazines with beautiful, clean design. It can be used for a high fashion theme and it looks great too on any other theme. Download them right now and you will be able to use the template immediately without having to pay for anything at all.


Flora Clothing Magazine PSD Template

Clothing and flowers are going together very well. You can use a flower theme for the magazine. This is an example of the PSD template. Use this particular template if you want flowers to accessorize every single part of the magazine. You can use the template for free. Go give it a try right now.


Beautiful ID Fashion Magazine

This is the template you should use for a beautiful ID theme. Of course, when it comes to clothing, you cannot ignore the fact that everything in it should be beautiful and pretty. They are full of delightful-looking models and gorgeous clothes. This is the example you should download. Use it right now. Get them now. 

Those are some templates to use. Do not forget to use them when you are asked to make a magazine in a clothing theme. As they are free, there is no need to subscribe, pay, or even do things to get them. The clothing templates can be saved anytime. All you need to do is just clicking one of the buttons and those clothing magazine templates will be yours as soon as possible.

Download :

File File size Downloads
Clothing Magazine Template Sample 8 MB 340
PSD Clothing Magazine Template 3 MB 344
Sample Clothing Magazine Templates 4 MB 366
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