Salon Rack Card Template Photoshop

Salon Rack Card Design for Various Functions

To get more customers, the salon can use some methods and media for promotion. When it is limited to the budget, then the salon rack card can be picked. This can be quite affordable, and its effect is also good. It is possible to have many interesting designs of rack cards, and it is a good chance to make creative rack cards to promote the salon and some services provided there.


Benefits of Using Salon Rack Card

Rack cards can be so effective in introducing and promoting the salon. In this case, there are some specific benefits to gain from using the card instead of other media.

  1. Affordable

It is one of the core points of choosing the rack card. Even when it is compared to the brochure, it is more affordable since the card only uses two sides of the paper, and it is in a smaller size.

  1. Creative

It is a creative medium of promotion. The content itself can be about the services, but it is also can become a form of gift or merchandise of the salon, such as talking about the tips for hair treatment.

  1. Easy to distribute

This is very easy to distribute. When it is designed attractively, people may unconsciously take the rack card. People will not mind taking it since it is simple, and it can be kept easily.


Nail Salon Rack Card

Regarding the salon rack card, each salon can have many possible designs to make. For example, it can show and promote the services in the nail salon. Since it is about a nail salon, then the card can be designed to show the available services offered there. It can show some pictures and simple descriptions.

For the design, it can be made simple. Instead of using many pictures, it is possible to have a single picture of someone making nail art. It can use the combination of white and purple for the color. The picture is placed in the middle of the card, with a salon name above it and some treatment and service below the picture.


Salon and Spa Rack Card 

A salon and spa provide quite complete services. Commonly, it is not only for the haircut and facial treatment, but it can provide massage services. All of these points can be highlighted when the salon is going to make a salon rack card for promotion.

For the design, the front page can be utilized to only show a simple picture. It can use a photo of a beautiful woman doing the spa and a picture of spa treatment. After that, a simple tagline and salon’s name can be added. For the next side of the card, it can be filled with some services and treatments. For its layout, uses a combination of pink and purple.


Salon Rack Card PSD Designs

Regarding the design of the rack card, there are a lot of nice and creative PSD rack card templates to find. For example, a rack card is not made a portrait but is made landscape. It is quite uncommon. However, it is designed well. It shows the popular haircut in the salon with real photos, and its layout is dominated by black color.  

Then, there is also a creative beauty salon design. It is quite simple since its layout utilizes the picture of a flower in pink, and its background uses a combination of pink and blue. The front side only has a picture of a woman, big flower, and name of the salon. Then, the next side of the salon rack card shows the services in the short description.

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