Bakery Rack Card Customizable PSD Template

The Bakery Rack Card for Menu Lists and Recipes

Bakeries use many ways in their promotions. To make customers know the menu lists, products, and other promotions, some marketing media are created, and the bakery rack card is one of them. Rack cards can always be useful on many occasions. It can serve many functions, and it can be designed into many kinds of nice appearances. Surely, this can become one of the good ways to create promotions.


Designing Bakery Rack Card with PSD Templates

A rack card may seem like a brochure. However, it is simpler, and in fact, it can be more effective. It will work optimally when it is designed properly. To get the good cards, at least some steps must be taken. It will be easier if you use PSD rack card templates.

  1. Think about the concept

Before considering the design, the concept of the bakery rack card must be clear.  Its function, purposes, and how the design is delivered. In this case, having a specific theme of the design is also necessary.

  1. Choose the design

Once there is a clear concept, it is easier to make the design. For example, it is to make a menu card, then its design should show some lists and pictures with some additional layout.

  1. Choose the fonts

The rack card mostly uses the image or photo as the main part to attract attention. Then, it uses fewer words. However, it should still consider the aesthetic aspect, so the font should be chosen properly. Once the steps are done, it is only to review and get ready to print the rack card.


PSD Bakery Rack Card for Recipe

A bakery may not easily spoil or show the recipes that they have. However, it is still possible to make a rack card containing some creative recipe in making bakery or cookies. This can be a good souvenir in the bakery, so customers can have something to bring home.

The bakery rack card can be designed to show its picture of recipe ingredients or the cake or cookies. Then, some notes regarding the ingredients and cooking steps can be added. It can be cute when it is added with a sweet layout depending on the appearance of the cake.


The Pastries Bakery Rack Card

The recipe rack card is useful for customers. Moreover, the bakery itself can use it as media of promotion. Then, it is also possible to have the pasties rack card. Making pastry is quite easy, and people love to do it. That is why it is good for a bakery to also make the rack card.

For this rack card, it can be made into a recipe card. The first page is only to show the picture of its pastry in a nice photo angle. Then, adding some simple description with some design of the layout is enough. For the next side, it can be filled with the ingredient and cooking steps.


Menu Bakery Rack Card

In making the menu list in the bakery, there are many ways. It may also use the rack card. Even, it can be a nice table decoration. The menu can be printed on the rack card, and it is designed properly. Even, some special menu can have a different rack card with more explanation.  

In designing the menu rack card, it is possible to show some pictures of the menu and its description. For its picture of the menu, it is not necessarily to make it in a line from top to down. It can be made creatively, such as into a circle or zigzag. Later, the menu description may be added, so it can become a nice bakery rack card.

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