Spa Rack Card Customizable PSD Design Template

Spa Rack Card PSD Template Free Download

A spa rack card is often given or shown to customers at spa salon. The card contains everything the customers need to know about the service there. If you have the job of making the card right now and you need the design immediately, you can do that by taking a great look at the examples down below. They can be used as templates, too, and of course, they are free to get.

What to Write on Spa Rack Card?

Besides the design, you will have to understand the content of the card. Essentially, you have to understand what to write on that card. The answer for that is down below. You can figure out the content over here. Read them and you will certainly understand how essential it is. Make sure you have read them before you start making the spa rack card. Here they are:

  1. Service List

People are going to the spa for some services. If they have no idea what your spa place can offer, they won’t even bother trying. That is why the service list must be written on that card. Make sure all the services and treatments that can be offered by your spa place is mentioned on the card to attract more customers.

  1. Address and Contact

If the spa rack is brought home by the customers, you can make sure that they will have the contact of your spa place by adding them to the card. That way, when the customers want to make a reservation or book your service, they can find your number or email on the card very easily, and eventually, they will get satisfied with the service.

Black and White Spa Rack Card PSD Template

Black and white might be a classic design. However, it still works to this day. You can take a look at the examples first. The spa rack card is designed using a black and white theme and the result is stunning. You can download the PSD rack card templates for free or use it as the references to make a well-designed rack card right now.

Vintage Spa Rack Card Design

A lot of women love the vintage design. This example right here is the answer for you. It looks very classic and cute. The colors are like those of shabby chic’s pastel tone. The flowers are pretty and great to look at.

Beach-Themed Spa Rack Card PSD Templates

The spa is often associated with something fresh and breezy, just like the beach. That is why a beach theme is often considered sufficient for a spa salon brochure or cards. The example is the one over here. The entire card has aqua blue color and shell images all over it. It looks very pretty and refreshing for sure.  

Get those card designs for free by downloading the PSD template samples. They are free, and you do not need to do anything else to get one. You will have to download them as you will cut short the time to make a spa rack card.

Download :

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