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Creating Your Own Music Magazine with Templates

Do you love music and always want to get the updated news? Are your shelves full of magazines of music? Why don’t you consider working as a music magazine creator? By doing so, you will not only get recently updated news about music, but you can also turn your hobby into a business. Without needing to have a graphic designer educational background, here are the steps in creating the magazine of music.


Steps to Create a Music Magazine

To create an appealing music magazine, the steps are provided below.

  1. Think of the Title

This is very important because the title is representing the magazine’s brand. Make sure the title you choose is to the point and succinct.

  1. Have the Cover Image

The image of the cover is one of the most essential elements of a magazine. The first thing first is you must take a high-quality picture. Make it into 300 dpi resolution to get the best printing quality.

  1. Choose the Fonts

Fonts also identify your magazine’s brand. Make sure to match the color scheme of the cover with the fonts.

  1. Collect the Photos

To make your magazine as a whole package, collect all photos that will be included in it. Make sure they are interesting and suit the magazine’s content. All of them must be of high quality as well.

  1. Write the Body Article

In this step, it is your freedom to ask for a colleague’s assistance or hire a freelance writer. However, it may take quite a long time to finish. Therefore, it’s suggested to have a team to collaborate in designing, writing, and editing the body article.

  1. Create the Back Page

On the back page, you can include some advertisements which are related to music. Hence, it is not obligatory to only put music ads.


Tips to Design PSD Music Magazine

Here are some tips to design a magazine for music.

  1. Decide the Purpose

Since the magazine is informing about music, it should be entertaining, informative, and also persuasive.

  1. Choose the Typography

Make sure to choose typefaces that are good for printing. It’s suggested to choose fonts from one family rather than use different font styles.

  1. Include Photos

Never forget to include appealing photos to grab your audience’s attention. All photos must be of high quality with 300 dpi resolution.


PSD Music Magazine Design Ideas

Some design ideas of music magazines are available. They are professionally-designed with customizable layouts and artwork. Don’t forget to choose attractive colors, and make the image big enough for the audience to notice quickly. Moreover, you also need to make a table of contents. The table of contents guides the readers to quickly jump into their preferred topic.


Templates for PSD Music Magazine

As stated previously, you can find the ready-made templates to design your appealing music magazine. The templates are in PSD format that is easily downloadable and customizable. If you want to make it a printed magazine, make sure you use a printer with the best quality and glossy paper to show the image best result. Don’t forget to check all details and have your team’s feedback.  

Download :

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