Fashion Magazine Example PSD Design

Fashion Magazine Design and Template with the Proper Layout

The magazine is one of the common media for publication. The content and styles depending on the theme and field of the magazine. When discussing the magazine, the top industry is fashion. Fashion magazine has been around since the old time. Moreover, it still survives even becomes better and bigger.

Today, you can find two types of magazines: the printed and digital form. Usually, the publisher releases a printed version for limited demand. On the other hand, most fashion publishers move into the digital area. It does not mean the contents are different because both have the similarity.

Fashion Magazine Design and Style

It is a fashion magazine, which means the style and designs have a significant role. You can make the design look modern and chic to adjust to the theme and readers. On the other hand, some magazines have a unique style that’s dedicated to the niche market. Most of them are for women, but you can also find the magazine for men.

The theme is the most important part before you start collecting the contents, photos, and writing articles. The first question is what the theme for next week or month. The magazine is mostly for a monthly period, but few of them are weekly or bi-weekly. From the theme, you should decide who will be on the cover, including the style for a photo. After that, you can pick relevant content then arrange them properly.

Fashion Magazine Layout Ideas

You can tell it is a magazine just from its layout. Each page contains the specific item, but you can see the same header and footer, including page number. Front and back covers also have the same style to ensure both are integrated. You can try some unusual ideas, but keep the magazine to be readable.

Fashion Magazine Contents

You may have some fashion magazines from various sources. They have an interesting photo on the cover. Even though the contents are different, you can see the layout is quite similar. Well, the designers have a standard template. The contents are arranged in the right order. To know the things you find in the magazine, check the following list.

  1. Front cover

For the magazine, the front cover plays a significant role. People can see whether the magazine is worth or not for further reading after seeing the front cover. You can choose the theme, and find the relevant photo for this front page.

  1. Table of contents

As you know, the magazine is a kind of book, so the table of contents will be necessary available. It helps readers to find certain articles or content.

  1. Contents

The key to the magazine is its contents. The design for cover will attract readers, and the contents will maintain their attention. You may use the same layout for several articles with photos.

  1. Advertising section

One thing you cannot forget is the advertising section. It makes the magazine has an interesting side because the contents become more attractive. With advertising, the magazine can extend the pages.

Fashion Magazine PSD Template

Due to extensive works, the PSD template for fashion magazine becomes the most common solution. The file already has what you need. The layout, style, design, and themes are related to fashion. You just edit and add a few things to make your magazine.  

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