Basketball Magazine Example PSD Design

The Basketball Magazine Details and Templates

If you are a basketball lover, you must want to know everything about your favorite players or club. You never think twice to grab all posters or magazines. So, why don’t you consider working in a basketball magazine company? Everything needed to create the most appealing magazine of basketball is stated in this article.

Main Elements of Basketball Magazine

There are some basic elements of a basketball magazine.

  1. Headline

Besides images or colors, the headline grabs the readers’ attention. It will determine whether they continue reading on or skip it. Make sure to place the headline on top of the magazine page and give it a bigger size.

  1. Introductory Text

The introductory text is an introduction to the article. It functions as the bridge between the headline and body article. It summarizes the whole content of the article. The size of the introductory text should be bigger than the body article but smaller than the headline.

  1. Body Article

This is the core of your magazine. Therefore, body articles must be written interestingly to keep the audience reading. The body article size is strongly suggested to be consistent on all pages.

  1. Subheaders

Subheaders are useful to break up each body article. Subheaders’ size should be a bit bigger than the body article. It’s even better to make them bold to emphasize their importance.

  1. Credits

These elements are important to appreciate the photographers and authors of articles. It is suggested to place the credits below the headline or the introductory text.

  1. Page Numbers

Never underestimate the importance of including page numbers because readers will be so much assisted in finding their preferred topic. You can set the size of page numbers bigger to make them be quickly noticed.

Guidelines to Design PSD Basketball Magazine

Some design guidelines in creating a basketball magazine are stated below:

  • Create an Appealing Cover

You should create a cover that is attractive and will potentially grab the audience’s eyes. Pay attention to the use of colors and images to enhance the magazine’s look.

  • Pick the Appropriate Fonts

The core of your magazine is articles. Therefore, make sure to pick the appropriate fonts to make the articles interesting and easy to read. You can pick some font styles but make sure they are consistent.

  • Give Some Space

This doesn’t seem important but space creates an elegant look for your magazine. Putting too many elements on your page will not attract the readers. Make sure to give some space for the magazine page.

Design Basketball Magazine with PSD Templates

There are many design templates to create your magazine. Besides being designed in PSD format, they can be downloaded, edited, and customized easily. No need to worry since they are designed with 300 dpi resolution to create the best result of your magazine. Moreover, the templates with proper colors can grab the audience’s attention. Therefore, you need to choose the color scheme wisely to make your magazine stand out.

PSD Basketball Magazine Samples

Eventually, there are also appealing examples of PSD basketball magazine. Everything is professionally-designed to suit your business need. What are you waiting for? Start creating the perfect magazine and attract all basketball lovers in town. 

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