Journalist ID Card Example PSD Design

The Journalist ID Card and Its Free PSD Template

A journalist ID card is something a professional journalist will wear all the time at work. The typical job of a journalist, especially the one who works outside the office building is reporting for news. They are not only examining the situation but also interviewing people and many more. To make people understand that they are a journalist, they will have to wear the ID card. Here are some templates for that.


What to Display on Journalist ID Card?

When you are asked to make your journalist ID card or you need to make the design for the entire company, what should you put on the ID card? the ID card is an identification card in the use to make people recognize who you are. So, here are the things you have to display on that particular card to make it fully functional.

  1. Full-Face Photo

The most common design of an ID card for a journalist is the one displaying a full face photo and the name of the journalist. The name is easily ignored as the first thing people will notice on that card is the photo. This is why you will have to display a good, vivid photo of the journalist on the front side of the card.

  1. Media ID

Besides the photo, along with the name, the ID card also needs to display the media ID. It will show people where the journalist comes from. Without that particular information, it will be quite hard to determine whether or not the journalist is real. The information is usually placed on the rear side of the card.


Television Journalist ID Card PSD Template

If your company is a television company, the journalist will surely have to wear an ID card. There is the PSD template you can use to make a journalist ID card. Using this template, the journalists and reporters can interview and report with ease for the television programs they are assigned to.


Newspaper Journalist ID Card Template

A newspaper company always has its journalists out there working and reporting any occasions to be written on the news. When they are mingling among people, of course, they will have to wear their ID cards. To make that ID card easily, you can use this template right here instead of making one from nothing. This PSD template allows you to keep the process of ID card making easy and simple.


Printable Journalist ID Card Template

The main thing of making an ID card for a journalist is that at some point the card needs to be printed and worn. This is where you can get the printable template for the card. It allows you to make the card quicker and more efficiently. The design is already there and all you have to do is adding some pictures and personal information to it. 

Those are some examples and templates of the card. When you need to make one, do not hesitate to download any of those templates. You can get them for free and eventually get the journalist ID card fast and easy.

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