Modern Hotel ID Card PSD Template Free

Modern Hotel ID Card Designs and Components

A modern hotel ID card is a document to identify a certain person or people. Well, the card only works for people who enter the hotel for a certain purpose. They are employees, guests, visitors, and clients. It has various designs and styles, depending on its purpose and functionality.

You are a guest or visitor in the hotel. The employee guides you into your room along the way. When ready to enter a certain area, he or she uses the card for unlocking the gate or opening the door. You cannot go outside or inside without their permission. This is what called an advanced card that also acts as an identification card. Some hotels utilize this one for security, protection, service, and business.

Modern Hotel ID Card Ideas and Concept

This card can have several names, such as the access card, security card, employee card, and anything. The main purpose is identification. Some cards have the technology for locking and unlocking certain areas. In the hotel, employees usually use such a card when entering the restricted area.

  1. Simple ID card

A simple modern hotel ID card is the most common type. You can recognize it easily because it is usually hanged in the neck. If the employees lose this ID card, they will receive a penalty. The card is also common for business visitors to the hotel.

  1. Advanced access card

Hotels increase their security and service with advanced access card. It is not just for standard identification. You can open the door or go around easily if you keep it on your premise. A certain card is only for specific people due to clearance and accessibility.

  1. ID card for any purposes

You may see the ID card that has the name and photo. It is usually for employees, including other people who work directly in the hotel. On the other side, the hotel must prepare the card that’s quite flexible in terms of design and content. It has a blank section for the name, photo, and detail. Employees will complete those parts after the person who visits give the detail.

Modern Hotel ID Card Design and Functions

The design for the modern hotel ID card must represent the company itself. It uses the proper background with a solid color. Make sure people can see your name and status easily when the card is in your chest. Moreover, adding a photo will make the card more legitimate. One thing you cannot forget is your status, such as the guest, visitors, clients, security, employee, and anything to indicate the level.

Modern Hotel ID Card PSD Template

Preparing this card is a not difficult task as long as you have a ready-made template. The card is for the hotel, which means the template must look professional and appropriate. In this case, you can use the PSD template. Just open this file on your computer, and edit it to adjust to your needs.

Modern Hotel ID Card Template Samples

You need more samples for a modern hotel ID card as the guide and reference. Designing the ID card for the hotel requires less time if you already have some PSD ID card templates. Furthermore, you can create your style as the basic design’  

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