Photographer Rack Card Customizable PSD Design Template

Various Photographer Rack Card Designs for Promotions

The photographer is an interesting profession. It is a hobby that can bring professional jobs. However, it is still necessary to make proper promotion, so there are many people interested to use the services on many occasions, such as weddings and other events. For the promotion, the photographer rack card is possible to become good media to choose from. This can promote the service effectively.


Creating Photographer Rack Card

Creating a rack card will not be a big problem for the photographer. They are familiar with the app for editing. Then, they also know some arts in making the design. However, some simple steps still can be good suggestions.

  1. Theme

The first point to consider is to choose the theme. It can be determined by the type of photography to offer. Of course, wedding and tour photography will show a different type of design. That is why it should be considered well.

  1. Layout

The rack card will use the power of the image or picture instead of words. That is why the layout of the design is necessary. It should be able to show good pictures in good distribution. Even if there are words, it should be composed and arranged well in the layout.

  1. Fonts

Fonts are still important. Especially, good fonts must be chosen for the headline, name of companies, or other important points on the design. It is to make it attractive and readable at the same time.


Wedding Photographer Rack Card

The most common photographer rack card will be about the wedding. This is a nice event where couples and families will be joyful due to the unforgettable moment. That is the photographer should exist in there to capture the moments.

For the rack card design, it is possible to use a single picture on the first page. A nice picture with a good angle can represent the quality of services. Then, it can show the name of the photographer or business. For the second side of the card, it can be utilized to show the services or pricing.


Photographer Rack Card for Promotion

Promotion is one of the purposes of using the photographer rack card. Of course, it should be made interesting since the function is to attract people and influence them to use the service. That is why good design is needed on the rack card.

It can be made simple. For example, the first page is made to show a main and big photo. Then, it shows the business’s name and promo or discounts. It is a good way to attract attention. Then, the second page can be turned into a nice gallery of photos to show the quality of the photographer in capturing various moments.


Photographer Rack Card PSD Designs

For the design, there are many possible ideas to choose from. One of the nice design show wedding photography services in black. Its background uses full black color. Then, there is the only picture of wedding couples on the center with the business name and contact information. The pricing and services are found on the next side of the card, and these use white fonts. It is simple yet attractive.  

Then, the next PSD design is also quite simple. The first page only shows a full photo of the couple in marriage. It has the only name of a photographer’s business without more words and additional background or layout. The back page of the photographer rack card is also made simple with sets of photos and a few words about the service.

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