Corporate Event Rack Card Customizable PSD Template

Corporate Event Rack Card as a Document to Convey Information

A corporate event is an activity carried out by a company with careful planning. It aims at company promotion, training activities, anniversaries, awards, and celebrating company success. In enlivening the event or introducing the company brand, the corporate event rack card is made as a printed document.

The Corporate Event Rack Card Purposes

All company activities need to be developed through external activities related to promotional events. It means not only involving corporate people but also clients and people as the target market for the product. Procurement of a media or document, both digital and printed, is a part of the marketing strategy management.

Well, a rack card is the printed document as a tool for conveying the company event information. Related information can be the corporate celebrations or product introductions to the wider community. To be absorbed by many people at large, especially as a target market, the rack card must be designed and displayed in the right place. The place can be a company of its own or in collaboration with other public places.

The Corporate Event Rack Card Design

The design of a corporate event rack card is made based on the needs of the event. For digital design, it can be done through the editing process in Photoshop. Well, the initial design has been determined through searching and downloading the PSD format. It is originally a template that will become a working document in Photoshop.

After completing the digital design, of course, it will be printed into several leaflets. Determination of the type of paper and layout also becomes the main thing in the design. For a rack card, he printing uses white paper with a smooth surface. The paper is printed with sizes that adjusted the size of the rack. Regular glossy paper is the choice with its smooth and shiny surface.

Corporate Event Rack Card Template

A detailed template that can be a design choice for the corporate event rack card is:

  • The template is in PSD format, which is Photoshop’s default application.
  • The document is a layered image file with high quality 300 dpi resolutions.
  • The layers will later be split into Photoshop.
  • The orientation is on a vertical or portrait layout.
  • It is a fully customizable layout.
  • The size has been adjusted to the size of its placement on a rack.
  • It needs an easy and fast editing process through Photoshop.
  • There are Smart Objects features to change or replace images, texts, and colors.
  • This type of digital coloring uses CMYK, which is the right color composition.

Corporate Event Rack Card Contain

Several things can be included in the corporate event rack card to make it an advertising document. Since its function is to convey all information, so it is necessary to consider what information is needed in the design. They are in the form of corporate name, telephone number, main products, event theme, images, event plans, and website. You can also add a short description in the form of persuasive text.  

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