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The Wholesale Catalog as the Method to Boost Income

Catalogs are important sales media to sell the wholesale product. The wholesale catalog has the purposes to sell the products, and tell the details to retailers as a way to build a relationship with them. You need to design it based on what in the retailer’s mind.

Quick Tips to Design Wholesale Catalog

In making a wholesale catalog, you need to consider its effectiveness in attract retailer’s interest to finally buy your product. Here some quick tips to make it perfect:

  1. The catalog must be easy for buyers.

Include your detail information on each page. You can add your contact in the footer after write down the page numbers. It will make the retailers easily to get ahold of you when they need to ask further information and place an order.

  1. Clear product descriptions

Your catalog must contain a clear description of the product. This description includes the price, special characteristic, size, minimum quantities, or function of each product.

  1. Excellent product’s photo.

Increasing the retailer’s trust by using photos is the easiest way you can do. People may be interested in your product through the price you are offering, but they will still have a big doubt in their minds before seeing the picture.

  1. Extend the life of catalog

Some catalogs only survive for 6-12 months. When you set it for two years, it will decrease the amount of spending to print the catalog. You can make it for two years as the new product releases.

  1. Function over wholesale marketing

Your catalog needs to be functional that includes all details. Retailers also need to know about your terms and conditions over marketing rules, so you need to put it on the last page of the catalog.

Ideal Size of Wholesale Catalog

The ideal size of the catalog can be various. It is based on what purpose of catalog that’s being your focus, and what product you list in the catalog. Wholesale catalog sizes are various as well, considering some wholesale shops sell different products. You can choose the fit size based on the products. If you are a fashion wholesale shop, make it ideal by having a medium catalog to the bigger size catalog. When it comes to fast food wholesale shop, make it small to medium size.

Start to Design Wholesale Catalog

There are many ways to design your catalog to have an advanced result. One thing you can try is by having a template that provides elements to make a stand out catalog. You may need layouts, some colors idea, and lines or shapes. By having a template, you can continue a quarter-completed-design, and give the new touch to show your idea up.

PSD Template for the Wholesale Catalog Design

PSD template was no longer a new thing for some designers. Its capability to save the file in its best makes everyone loves to use the PSD template. The catalog design must be much easier if you use the template. In making the wholesale catalog, you need to add many pictures to have the greatest layout. 

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